Brazil Newspapers Infatuated With Neymar: Front Covers of Today’s Papers [PHOTOS]

It’s 2002 all over again today as Brazil and Germany meet for the first time since Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” was scorching the summer twelve years ago. Both countries are predictably consumed by today’s semi-final, so let’s take a look at how their newspapers are amping up.

Somos todos Neymar (“We are all Neymar”) has become Brazil’s immeasurably more galvanizing version of “I Believe That We Will Win.” Thousands of fervent fans in Belo Horizonte will don Neymar masks today and now you can have one too. Cut one out from your choice of the Correio Brazilense, Lance, Diario do Comercio.

Rio’s Extra provides a handy Panini sticker album of a 23-man squad of all Neymars.

In a few years Warner Bros. will unite DC Comics’ superheroes in “Justice League” in a movie that promises to follow in the grim tone set by “The Dark Night” and “Man of Steel.” But these same heroes once teamed up in the far brighter ‘Super Friendsj” 80’s cartoon, and that team provides the dated reference for Metro Belo Horizonte’s fun front page.

Jornal de Santa Catarina provides a helpful update for the traditional German costume. The suspenders stay in place, but the newspaper helpfully suggests wearing a more majestic Brazilian shirt. And they helpfully remind you to have your sewing kit handy to add a sixth World Cup championship star on Sunday.

With such evocative Brazilian front pages it’s hard for Germany’s understated papers to compete. Die Welt “dreams” of Rio’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue lit up in the German black, red, and gold.


Augsburger Allgemeine leads with a simple image of a German-colored sugar cane about to crush Brazil’s national cocktail – Caiprinha and simpler instructions for Jogi Low to “Pressure Them.”

Rhein-Zeitung also features Germany dominating a Brazilian tradition, in this cae it’s Jogi Low expertly dipping his Brazilian partner as they dance the Maxixe, their version of the tango.

Bild polls eleven German legends and the results are shocking – Germany’s making the final!

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