Brazil Finally Found Out at World Cup By Unstoppable Germany

Humiliated. There’s no other word for it. Brazil were completely and utterly embarrassed by a ruthless German team in front of their own supporters in the World Cup semi-final.

For 64 years, the most devastating day in Brazilian football was the Maracanazo—the “Maracana Blow”, where hosts Brazil unexpectedly fell to Uruguay in the final—but the “Humiliation of Belo Horizonte” has surely surpassed that, and is a game that will be etched in the annals of the sport for eternity.

7-1. Embarrassing. As the goals flew in throughout the first 45 minutes of the match, it got to a point were Joachim Low’s players looked almost embarrassed to finish off chances. “Eins, zwei, drei, vier, THUMPED” as BBC commentator Steve Wilson brilliantly exclaimed with the scoreline reading 5-0 at half time. There was even more punishment to come in the second half.

As you would expect, there was much hyperbole surrounding the absence of Neymar ahead of this clash. The Brazilian players donned caps and T-shirts reading “Forza Neymar!”, while David Luiz and Julio Cesar brandished a Neymar shirt during the national anthems. There seemed to be a genuine sense of loss amongst the players and supporters, as if the 22-year-old had suffered a fate much more serious than a back injury; perhaps they got a little carried away.

But while the attack never sparkled against Germany—so much so that the Brazilian supporters in attendance called for the likes of Fred and Oscar to be withdrawn from the game—it was at the back where this team showcased its biggest flaws. There were no caps fashioned for him, no vocal lament from the fans, no shirts held up during the anthems, but Thiago Silva’s absence proved to be just as critical as that of the golden boy.

Without the Paris Saint-Germain man at the heart of the back four, Brazil were utterly hopeless. The stand-in captain David Luiz was not only unfathomably erratic and rash, but completely surreptitious as the floodgates opened. Luiz charged forward with reckless abandon, nonplussed by the endless problems he was causing for his teammates. Nonetheless, the rest of the defence were admittedly, just as deplorable.

Neymar had dragged Brazil over the line with his flashes of majesty throughout the earlier stages of the competition, as had Silva with some marvellous displays of defensive acumen and leadership. They’d played some very capable sides, ones that are effervescent and improving, but none quite to the standard of this Germany team.

Die Mannschaft are no longer a side in transition. Low has been afforded the time to work with this team since 2006 and while they’ve suffered semi-final heartbreak in their last two major tournaments, they look stronger for it here. The core of this squad have sampled success with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, and this stunning performance was bristling with that kind of know-how; a winning mentality.

It’s as if all the work done by the German Football Federation since overhauling the system in back in 2002 had been geared towards these 90 minutes. Players like Thomas Muller, Toni Kroos, Sami Khedira and Mesut Ozil—all major benefactors of this revamp—were flourishing in a World Cup semi-final. Passing, moving, probing, pressing, tackling and defending with distinction, manifesting into a genuinely history-making performance.

They’ll go into the final on Sunday bouncing. It was the most complete performance by any team at this World Cup and you can bet the remaining semi-finalists will have been somewhat intimidated after watching that forensic destruction of the hosts.

Germany are a simply stunning side and they were well worth their begrudged applause from the Belo Horizonte crowd. But Low will be well aware that this result will count for little unless they go on and secure the nation’s fourth World Cup win. Such is the professionalism of this team though, you would be surprised if their focus wavered.

But for now, they can revere in that performance, and they’ll naturally be lauded as an example to every other international team, especially to the Selecao. Let’s not forget, Low lost a vital player in Marco Reus in the build-up to this tournament, but such is the togetherness and cohesiveness of this team—and they are a team in every sense of the word—they were able to cope admirably.

The Brazil side haven’t performed as a collective once in a tournament where so much was expected from them. There was always an underpinning concern that even with Neymar and Silva in the team, when Brazil came up against a well-oiled XI, they’d be found out. But without those two, their deficiencies were exposed beyond anyone’s imagination.

A dark, dark day in Brazilian football, but unfortunately for them, one that will live unshakably long in the memory.

24 thoughts on “Brazil Finally Found Out at World Cup By Unstoppable Germany”

  1. “It’s as if all the work done by the German Football Federation since overhauling the system in back in 2002 had been geared towards these 90 minutes. Players like Thomas Muller, Toni Kroos, Sami Khedira and Mesut Ozil—all major benefactors of this revamp—were flourishing in a World Cup semi-final. Passing, moving, probing, pressing, tackling and defending with distinction, producing a genuinely history-making performance.”

    Well said Matt. Sums up what we have just seen perfectly. I just hope they were not aided by match fixers. Every time I look at those goals in the first half, they defy all football logic. What were the odds on 0-5 being the score at half time?

    1. Not saying a game like that cannot be fixed but it baffles me when people suspect lopsided games like this one as fixed games, when the history of match fixing shows that very competitive games are more often the ones fixed than the ones with scores like this one.

        1. Fixed matches often involve bad goalkeeping or dodgy refereeing. Didn’t seem to be the case here. Very slack defending by Brazil though

          1. The Brazilian players were probably bribed because they just stood there frozen in front of the goalie and did nothing to stop the goals from the German team. I believe they were bribed to lose the game. What a shame.

          2. Nice to believe things that have no evidence. If Brazil were bribed to lose the game, they probably would have made it a tad bit more believable.

          3. The match is obviously fixed… as obvious as someone slapping you in the face and says: “I’m sorry but it was an accident.” I bet that person must be very careless with his action huh? You actually believe that shat?

      1. watch the match again and follow Marcelo. I won’t be surprised if he was involved in some match fixing. He literally gave way to the ball in couple of goals added with not falling back to defend.

  2. How good are Germany? I have no idea, they played St Dunstans home for the blind tonight. Should be interesting what happens at the third/fourth place match on Saturday.

    1. Germany weren’t that great. This wasn’t like when Liverpool plastered Arsenal this season where Liverpool put on a clinic in the first half. Germany was pressing a little and Brazil just wasn’t defending at all. Brazil couldn’t have intercepted a pass if they could have used their hands. It was embarrassing.

  3. Clinical! hardworking! incredible! sensational! brilliant! maganificent! “germany” i have never seen a nation that consistently performed in wc finals, their goal scoring record in the 2010&this current wc is 34 goals scored in just under 13 world cup matches and they humilated some of the big guns like england argentina in 2010 and 2014 portugal and brazil.

  4. Well written Matt. It’s not hard to believe the inevitable. The barely stocked German cupboards of the late 90’s, with an over-dependance on an effective but singular and aging Oliver Bierhoff weren’t going to last forever.

    The German Football Bund knew they had to re-build and they did just that. The chickens are coming home.

  5. The CBF has a lot of thinking to do in the coming months, starting with whether Scolari is the man they want to head up the team for 2015 Campeonato Sudamericano Copa América in 2015 and beyond.

    A lot will be made about Scolari’s tactics for this match in coming days, as it seemed Brazil’s plan was to play a long-ball counter-attacking style. That may have been fine — had the Seleção defense been up to the task of stopping the German attack. That of course did not happen, and the rest is history. Brazil never seemed to have a Plan B, or if they did, it was far too late to put it in place by the time the Germans had reeled off their 3rd goal.

    The analysis should be about more than this one game, though, as throughout the tournament, Brazil seemed to rely on a physical game to harass and intimidate rather than their flowing point-to-point pass and attacking style that they are known for. Truly, if the 70’s were the era of Brazil’s “Beautiful Game” then their strategy and tactics in 2014 were “The Ugly Game” — and it all falls back on Scolari and his team.

    Anyway, over the next few days, pundits in Brazil will weigh in, as will players and coaches, and things will get really…interesting…for Brazilian football.

  6. This should be expected of Brazil. Only one team has failed to win the World Cup as many times as Brazil has.

  7. Germany players could tell Brazil team was intentionally losing, and gifted them one piece of underwear in the 90th minute.

  8. i think match has been fixed bcz brazil players stood like statues when germany are scoring goals and its like watching a exhibition match.

    1. I agree, if you watch that first half they were not putting any pressure on them. All this hype about Germany is bs.
      To beat Portugal they needed to be granted a very soft penalty within 10 minutes of the match. Then a red card.
      Against Ghana they had a hard time, and the US they only beat 1 to 0. Then they had a tough time with Algeria and France they beat 1 to 0. In all these games where was this great, efficient, tactical machine. I say bs. Brazilian players were paid. The first suspect is David Luiz, just look at the replays of the goals and watch him.

  9. This match was fixed for a lopsided Brazil loss, eg. losing by 5 or more goals. At least the two center defenders and goalie were in the scam. The Brazilians just didn’t play defense at all, and the Germans can get in the middle with ease. Brazilian goalie played like amateur in the first half. Silva avoided this match by being booked unnecessarily in the previous match. The Brazilians did this before, think about the 98 final.

  10. Less than 45 minutes before one winner will emerge. And I predict Argentina will win. What happen to Germany? I thought you were so good at trashing others with 7 goals. Not so though now huh?

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