Brazil Finally Found Out at World Cup By Unstoppable Germany

Humiliated. There’s no other word for it. Brazil were completely and utterly embarrassed by a ruthless German team in front of their own supporters in the World Cup semi-final.

For 64 years, the most devastating day in Brazilian football was the Maracanazo—the “Maracana Blow”, where hosts Brazil unexpectedly fell to Uruguay in the final—but the “Humiliation of Belo Horizonte” has surely surpassed that, and is a game that will be etched in the annals of the sport for eternity.

7-1. Embarrassing. As the goals flew in throughout the first 45 minutes of the match, it got to a point were Joachim Low’s players looked almost embarrassed to finish off chances. “Eins, zwei, drei, vier, THUMPED” as BBC commentator Steve Wilson brilliantly exclaimed with the scoreline reading 5-0 at half time. There was even more punishment to come in the second half.

As you would expect, there was much hyperbole surrounding the absence of Neymar ahead of this clash. The Brazilian players donned caps and T-shirts reading “Forza Neymar!”, while David Luiz and Julio Cesar brandished a Neymar shirt during the national anthems. There seemed to be a genuine sense of loss amongst the players and supporters, as if the 22-year-old had suffered a fate much more serious than a back injury; perhaps they got a little carried away.

But while the attack never sparkled against Germany—so much so that the Brazilian supporters in attendance called for the likes of Fred and Oscar to be withdrawn from the game—it was at the back where this team showcased its biggest flaws. There were no caps fashioned for him, no vocal lament from the fans, no shirts held up during the anthems, but Thiago Silva’s absence proved to be just as critical as that of the golden boy.

Without the Paris Saint-Germain man at the heart of the back four, Brazil were utterly hopeless. The stand-in captain David Luiz was not only unfathomably erratic and rash, but completely surreptitious as the floodgates opened. Luiz charged forward with reckless abandon, nonplussed by the endless problems he was causing for his teammates. Nonetheless, the rest of the defence were admittedly, just as deplorable.

Neymar had dragged Brazil over the line with his flashes of majesty throughout the earlier stages of the competition, as had Silva with some marvellous displays of defensive acumen and leadership. They’d played some very capable sides, ones that are effervescent and improving, but none quite to the standard of this Germany team.

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