Why Goalkeeper Sergio Romero is a Big Part of Argentina’s Success

In this World Cup, there has been a great deal of stress and strife in each and every one of Argentina’s matches.  Although many thought that the Argentines would breeze relatively easily into this stage.  As we reflect on what has gone on in this tournament, the Albiceleste won all their matches by a goal difference.  Some were stressful finishes; others were nerve wracking such as the match against Iran and the quarterfinal against Belgium.

Romero’s performances throughout the World Cup might not place him in the upper echelon of goalkeepers in this tournament, but it’s been good enough for Argentina to get to the semis for the first time in 24 years.  You could truly make the argument that Romero has been the team’s most consistent performer in this tournament to date.

Even though Messi has been the hero on several occasions, he’s appeared in flashes.  Still his greatness is something to behold and the goals and passes that he’s scored have been well worth the money spent on admission.

Yet it was Romero’s heroics in the most difficult moments that put Argentina in situations where Messi’s genius would stand out.  It was Romero against Iran that denied the few chances they had that were near goal.  Romero also slammed the door on Switzerland and Belgium in the dying moments of the match.  His save in the end and some “papal intervention from afar” were key after Ángel Di María’s goal had 45 million Argentinians looking for ways to see how it was physically possible to make time go faster.

Yet when it came down to it, it was the security that one of its biggest question marks that made this team even stronger where it was weakest and now sees this squad poised to surpass the greatest challenge that it has had to face so far in this tournament.

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