Manchester United Release Home Shirt for 2014/15 Season: Official [PHOTOS]

The new home kit modeled by Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Shinji Kagawa marks the start of a new era for the Red Devils — a new manager, a new sponsor and possibly a new sense of hope ahead of the upcoming season.

American supporters will be the first to see the new kits in action on July 23 when Manchester United play against the LA Galaxy at the start of their summer tour.

What are your opinions of the new kit?

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13 thoughts on “Manchester United Release Home Shirt for 2014/15 Season: Official [PHOTOS]”

  1. Well, on the bright side, it is a shirt made of red cloth; not a table cloth made into a shirt. The rest, is just, well, rubbish.

    To be fair, it takes two to tango. United had to agree to the kit or get into a contract that set the conditions for this abomination. SMH.

  2. I don’t love it, but the thing that amuses me most is how jarring a new sponsor logo is. I’m so used to seeing the AON logo, that it’s almost invisible to me, but the Chevy logo looks really obnoxious. It’s probably no worse than the AON logo…..I’m just not used to it yet.

  3. Can’t take my eyes off the train wreck of a logo. The Chevy logo is way too big. These guys look like grills with legs.

  4. Would have been better if the logo was all white but considering the money GM is paying the Glazers, I’m not surprised.

  5. So nice the chevrolet kit ..Now add other players to the new season’s signings like :Di Maria and Roben .waythere r many more for the club to bring back the glory she has lost by NoteI mean Moyes

  6. Am a Kenyan speaking from Mombasa. Mr. Van GAAL. pliz give us we fans the beauty of Manchester that we lost. last season .Buy more if it means to add more cups to our diary ;(more viable players to assist Van Per. and. mifielders.

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