USA World Cup Star DeAndre Yedlin Set to Sign With AS Roma, Says Report

USA World Cup star DeAndre Yedlin is close to finalizing a transfer to Serie A club AS Roma, according to Greg Seltzer of No Short Corners.

Yedlin, who was one of the bright stars for the United States in the World Cup and was described by Paddy Barclay as one of the best right midfielders he’s seen since David Beckham, played both as right back and right winger for the USA Men’s National Team in Brazil. The 20-year-old footballer, who is currently on the books at Seattle Sounders, will likely continue playing for Seattle on loan from AS Roma after the deal is signed.  Then when MLS season is over, Yedlin is likely to move to another Serie A club, again on a loan deal, to gain more experience at a top level.

Meanwhile, the rumors published in a British tabloid about Liverpool trying to sign Yedlin are not true.

4 thoughts on “USA World Cup Star DeAndre Yedlin Set to Sign With AS Roma, Says Report”

  1. Solid move only if he gets playing time sitting the bench will stunt his growth. Think being picked up by EPL side and loaned to Championship side and play a season or two would be his ticket to success. Wish him all the best.

  2. IMO Italy Serie A is not the best option. Going to a mid-table EPL or Mid-table Bundesliga Team is much better.

    Italian football is not what it use to be and I feel going to Roma would not expand and round out his skills to take him to the next level.

  3. Bad move. Many Premier League clubs were interested in him and he would develop more in the Premier League with more quality players he would come against.

    Serie A is a European retirement League for old players looking for a last pay day not a league for young players.

    He should have waited for teams from a better league. I heard Arsenal were showing interest. Moving to England is better for American players. Italy is now a minor European league and has a real problem with racism. Sometimes you shouldn’t just take the first offer that arrives.

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