PES 2015 Trailer and Screenshot; Photos & [VIDEO]

Konami has finally released a trailer and screenshots of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 for the new consoles.  While the trailer looks to be improved, utilizing their FOX Engine to power their graphics, players want and need something more than a pretty game to justify a purchase in light of the competition from EA’s FIFA 15.

CVG did a hands on impression of the game and thus far, the reaction to this first next gen offering seems to be mixed.  One of the positives from the hands-on review was improved controls. It felt more natural and smooth and it “harkens back to PS2 days with a return to true core PES values.”

The questions I have regarding PES 2015 thus far are:

• Will it still be mod-able (for those who really like to have their team names updated)?
• Are there any improvements to manager modes?
• What improvements will be made to the AI from previous versions now that PES 2015 will be on a more powerful console?

At present, no release date has been announced, but Konami will probably schedule a late September release to coincide with the FIFA 15 release.

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