WATCH Neymar’s Touching Message to Fans After World Cup-Ending Injury [VIDEO]

Neymar’s injury that he sustained in the game with Colombia was painful to watch. The knee in the back from Juan Zúñiga broke a bone in Neymar’s vertebrae. And when Neymar was stretchered off the pitch, you could tell he was in agony as he cried tears of pain. Shortly afterwards, he was whisked away directly to the hospital for a scan.

In Brazil, losing Neymar for the remainder of the tournament is a national tragedy. But the Brazilian and Barcelona forward decided to put his thoughts and emotions into words. In doing so, he shed a tear again, and undoubtedly will cause others to shed a tear when they watch this.

Here’s the transcript of what Neymar said. And watch the accompanying video below.

“Brazilian people – players, coaches and fans -, this is a very tough moment. It’s hard to express my thoughts in words. I want to tell you that I’ll be back to the field as soon as possible. I would like to thank you for your support and affection expressed through the messages that have been sent to me.

“My dream has not ended yet, it was suspended due to a move, but it is still alive. I am sure my partners will make sure I can achieve my dream, which is to be a champion. Another dream of mine was to play on a World Cup final, but I won’t be able to do it now. Although I’m sure that my partners will win and be champions along with me, and we, brazilian people, will be celebrating this achievement. Thank you all!”

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3 thoughts on “WATCH Neymar’s Touching Message to Fans After World Cup-Ending Injury [VIDEO]”

  1. dear neymar we accept ur thank and ur affection 4 us don’t worry about 2 be a champion ur already a champion zat the world give zer witnesed 2 u.i adore u n hope u will be fine soon i’ll pray day n night 4 u!

  2. Neymar your video is extremly touching and I very much feel 4 you I know getting hurt was not me or anyone intention but it just happend I am also your biggest fan in the world I have everything about all my friends and family calls me “Neymar” I don’t know if you will believe this but it is true my dream to acchive in life is to fly to Brazil and search for you I really LOVE you are my everything iam starting to think I love you more than my parents….the moment I heard Neymar and T.Silva will be out of the game with Germany I knew it ewas going to be a tough game and all the Brazilian soccer team must remember ‘we are Brazil win or lose all the countries will always fear us’ viva Brazil and to Oscar,Bernard,David Luiz…I just wana say that in the match with Germany your’ll played your hearts out I cried over and over but no matter what iam a brazilian and always will be and those Germans Feared us!!!!! VIVA BRAZIL and if neymar n teammades can’t take this world cup Argentina will…Brazil is now out which defenitly means the 2014 FIFA world cup is over for me… Neymar please tweet back!!

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