Messi Can Stake His Claim As World’s Best With World Cup Victory For Argentina


As the World Cup quarterfinals come to a finish today, we have already seen the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and the whole Spanish side falter in the Group Stage. No Ronaldo and no Spain opens the door for Lionel Messi to stake his claim as the best in the world by leading an underwhelming Argentina side to its first World Cup title since the days of Diego Maradona in 1986.

Messi has already participated in two previous World Cups. In 2006, he played mostly in a substitute role. The 2010 World Cup saw Messi make the list for potential Golden Ball (Player of the Tournament) candidates. Now, Messi has helped Argentina progress through to the quarterfinals, where they face Belgium on Saturday (Noon ET/9am PT). Furthermore, Argentina has not performed to the standards expected of them once the draw gave them arguably one of the weakest groups in the World Cup. It has been up to Messi to score a wonderful goal against Bosnia to put Argentina ahead 2-0 and hold off for a 2-1 win. Iran proved a much tougher test holding Argentina level through 90 minutes. However, it was the left foot of Messi that snatched a victory away from a match that looked destined to end in a 0-0 draw – 1-0 for Argentina. Finally, Messi scored quickly against Nigeria and then again from a brilliant set piece to help Argentina to a 3-2 victory taking all three group matches.

What makes this World Cup so different for Lionel Messi is that he has become comfortable with the role of dominant leader of a talented, but underperforming, Argentinian side. Such was the ways of Diego Maradona in the 1980s. As Maradona looked on during the Iran match, announcers spoke of the curse Maradona had on Argentina – largely connected to his terrible management of the 2010 World Cup. However, it seemed that as the ball curled towards the top corner from Messi’s magical left foot that finally the Messi hype moved beyond the brilliance at Barcelona and onto the global stage.

The greatest players in the world may be phenomenal for their club, but their World Cup performance ultimately dictates their legacy. Cristiano Ronaldo has experienced ups and downs during the World Cup. David Beckham will never live down his red card in the 1998 World Cup. Pelé played in four World Cups and led Brazil to three championships in those four tries (although not playing most of the 1962 tournament due to injury). Maradona gave Argentina his only World Cup crown in 1986 and led them back to the Final in 1990. These are the World Cup legends that will live in infamy. It is the World Cup that makes them.

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