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FansPub Offers Online Features For Hardcore Football Supporters

Posted on by Ben Weich

fanspub 600x375 FansPub Offers Online Features For Hardcore Football Supporters

With the claim to being the world’s “first football social media” site, newly-launched aims to provide a platform for fans across the world to get together to discuss all things football.’s mission statement is straightforward enough: “Register and add your favourite teams to your watch list. Be in touch with other fans.”

While online football interaction has exploded in recent years, even the most popular sites have their limitations. FansPub’s mission is to simply cut through the tedium and put fans in touch with one another quickly and directly.

Part of FansPub’s appeal is that it’s a wonderfully diverse forum; there you can find anything from transfer rumour-mongering to tactical debates. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by the depth of the discussion boards; many FansPub users are incredibly knowledgeable and it’s easy to get lost for hours going back-and-forth with them.

In addition, FansPub provides great news services.

But unlike traditional football sites, FansPub can tailor news feeds specifically to the interests of individuals. Upon entry you’re invited to select your favourite team(s), allowing you to get the information you want, without the chore of trawling through endless pages of unrelated babble. Although this sounds like the idea behind Twitter, surprisingly FansPub filters news more effectively, I’ve found.

While the FansPub’s live updates are as meticulously detailed as any you’ll find online, it also provides fans the kind of direct communication between with others that you only really get on social media. There’s a ‘fan social engine’ (akin to a fan search), private messaging, team discussion pages, in-match forums and prediction pages.

Since FansPub is still a new site, there’s a good foundation of content available, which will continue to grow as the site gains more followers and time passes.

The range of teams for which FansPub provides news and updates is staggering. While it offers the typical selection of teams from the most popular European leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc), FansPub also caters for fans of more obscure top-flights, including the Ukrainian Premier League, Liga MX and the Uruguayan Primera División. Clubs from a full 12 top divisions are represented, plus all the international sides in this year’s World Cup. FansPub have also promised to “regularly add even more leagues”.

Plus, club supporters are able to update the team pages for their favourite clubs, so they can describe the history of their team in their own words in collaboration with other fans.

All in all, FansPub is a fantastic site. A cross between Facebook and a traditional football news site, it uniquely provides football news with the feeling of a real connectedness with others.

Check out today.

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  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for the good review! :)

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