Whether Liverpool Should Sell Luis Suarez: A Liverpool and United Fan Discuss

Editor’s note: The following debate features Nipun Chopra (a Manchester United supporter) and Gabe Smith (a Liverpool fan) discussing the pros and cons of Luis Suarez staying at or leaving Liverpool. Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Gabe (@smitty46and2) record the Liverpool and United Fans podcast. You can find the podcast online or on iTunes.

Reports are coming in that Barcelona are about to make a bid for Luis Suarez. Should Liverpool sell the Uruguayan striker?

Nipun Chopra (Manchester United fan)

Yes, Liverpool should sell him. And here are my reasons —

First and foremost, as a Manchester United fan, I abhor him. His role in the Patrice Evra racism row and subsequent farcical actions by Liverpool will forever be the number one thing I associate with him. And, as has proven to be the case time and time again, his inability to take any ownership of his actions leaves everyone bewildered and frustrated.

Now that I have covered my dislike for him, let me elucidate more nuanced reasons why Liverpool should sell Suarez:

1. Liverpool are a great club

Liverpool are a club with a fantastic history and a tremendous stature in European football. As long as Luis Suarez continues to be associated with the club, Liverpool will continually experience PR nightmares. Whether it’s racism rows, biting or diving, Liverpool has backed the Uruguayan forward. And, this posturing is unsustainable to their image.

2. He isn’t getting better and never did

In spite of widespread claims that Suarez’ behavior had improved, Suarez’ inability to take blame for his actions was a strong indicator that his underlying issues remained unresolved. Yes, he did not bite anyone last season (and it’s hilarious that that has to be recognized), but in every interview, he continued to deny his diving, continued to blame Patrice Evra for the racism row, and continued to argue that all his issues were a creation of the English press. Even though he has recently apologized for the Chiellini issue, it is quite possible that he is one interview (probably when he is back in Uruguay) away from stating that none of it was his fault. Indeed, the fact that it took him six days to realize that he had bit someone is both humorous and puzzling.

3. Get excellent money for him

Luis Suarez is arguably the best striker in the world. He is currently being tracked by clubs that have shown a propensity to pay ridiculous sums of money for players that have less ability (Bale, Neymar). Therefore, Liverpool should take the money, and reinvest it into expanding their squad with quality players. Certainly, the squad number for Liverpool is not sufficient to challenge for the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. At 27, Suarez will not be demanding the £50 million + transfer fee for too long. Now is the perfect time to sell.

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