7 Worst TV Commercials Of The 2014 World Cup [VIDEO]

While watching World Cup games, we’ve had plenty of World Cup TV commercials burned into our retinas after repeated viewing. Some of them have been great (here’s our top 10 best World Cup commercials). But not all of them have been that lucky or good.

Sometimes advertisers miss their mark and end up with some pretty bad commercials that might actually do the opposite of what they intend.

So here’s our top 7 worst World Cup TV commercials from Brazil 2014:


Despite being an official sponsor for the World Cup, Budweiser seems to be trying too hard to be “American” with shots of eagles and cheerleaders throughout the commercial. It just doesn’t quite work.


This advertisement for TV’s in the UK is just awkward from beginning to end. Pro tip, gentlemen: Don’t try this at home.


Pringle’s World Cup commercial is particularly bad for a number of reasons. Mostly though because no one would ever throw their phone into an empty tube to escape talking to their partner. Right?


When you think of Girl Scouts, you think of cookies. But while they featured cookies playing soccer in their ad, they named the TV commercial “Luis ‘Samoa’ Suarez Bites A Thin Mint.” And that’s exactly what happens.


Hooters tried, we think, to get in on the soccer craze in America but missed the mark by a mile. John Gruden attempting to say football in some sort of hispanic accent just isn’t very good or funny.


Charmin’s “Everyone loves a great finish” commercial isn’t very accurate and is also semi-uncomfortable.


Crest’s new slogan, “The further your team goes, the closer you get” is true, but doesn’t quite work in this commercial promoting toothpaste.

3 thoughts on “7 Worst TV Commercials Of The 2014 World Cup [VIDEO]”

  1. That Crest one seems perfectly fine to me. Nice, short, and the breath smells better ???

    I am so tired of seeing the same commmercials over and over again on ESPN. That Bacardi one could send me over the edge.

    Intermixed with this was a fun McDonalds one the other day :)

  2. The only one I’ve seen on TV here in the US is the Crest one. I’ve watched all the WC games on ESPN + 2 and never saw these especially the Budwiser one.

    Where are these being shown? Must be in “select” cities.

    1. I’ve seen the Charmin on TV. They have a Spanish-language version of that one too, which they show on Univision.

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