USA Player Ratings For World Cup Game Against Belgium

The US exited the 2014 FIFA World Cup with their heads held high after a 2-1 extra time loss to Belgium. Here are the player ratings.

Tim Howard, 10: He covered himself in all kinds of glory with one of the greatest goalkeeping performances in recent memory.

DeMarcus Beasley, 8: While he was twisted into knots by the tricky Kevin Mirallas, Beasley had another terrific game to cap a terrific tournament. Assured, stingy, and smart. He will be missed.

Omar Gonzalez, 8: Gonzalez had another very strong performance at the heart of the defense, repealing aerial attacks and more than once saving his team with emergency clearances.

Matt Besler, 7: Besler had a great tournament, but it wasn’t just his slip that let Romelu Lukaku in that will haunt him – it was also overcommitting and being rounded by Kevin De Bruyne for the first goal.

Fabian Johnson, 5: The US missed his presence defensively when he exited. A great campaign all around.

Geoff Cameron, 5: Cameron did some good things, but he simply isn’t the player Kyle Beckerman is.

Jermaine Jones, 4: Jones was completely and totally gassed after the group stage. He battled, but couldn’t impact this game.

Michael Bradley, 5: Solid, but not brilliant. He didn’t really deliver for his team until the chip to Green when it was too late.

Alejandro Bedoya, 5: Bedoya looked fit and remained committed to the cause until the end. But Bedoya’s limitations in attack meant that the US didn’t have enough support for Dempsey.

Graham Zusi, 3: Zusi struggled mightily before exiting. He never really got his feet under him, and it was a merciful end when he was brought off for Chris Wondolowski.

Clint Dempsey, 4: Maybe it was the broken nose or the simple isolation up top, but Dempsey had little effect on the game and wasn’t clean enough on the ball with his few touches. The one that really got away was the free-kick chance that will haunt him until 2018.




DeAndre Yedlin, 7: This is one man who, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proved almost everyone wrong. He was fast, confident, and useful on both ends of the field when he replaced Johnson.

Chris Wondolowski, 3: The Wondo MLS knows buries the chance he missed at the end of normal time. Yes, the flag was up, but he didn’t know that and should have put it in. Wasn’t impactful in extra time.

Julian Green, 7: Whether he meant it or not, Green had one of the most memorable World Cup introductions ever. He’s the youngest scorer at the tournament since a bloke named Messi tallied in 2006. The future is bright.

10 thoughts on “USA Player Ratings For World Cup Game Against Belgium”

  1. Seems fair wonder if a EPL side or Championship side would try a pick up Yedlin. Can not teach speed. Hell I would love for Forest to give him a shot.

    1. I’m really scared that he’s going to get Donovan’d. Now that he’s rapidly becoming one of the faces of American soccer, Seattle/MLS will slap an inordinately high price tag on him.

  2. I thought our back line played like crap except beasley. Howard had to make 16 saves and Belgium had 30+ shots. That is not the sign of good defending. Gonzalez and Besler were marking poorly and Yedlin nowhere to be found at right back during the game (although he looked great going forward).

    1. I agree he is raw but he has speed and young. Put him on a Championship side for a couple of years take a flyer on Yedlin.

      1. I worry that they would try to put him at the RM spot of the archaic 4-4-2 that many English teams still play. You never see a flat midfield 4 at the top level anymore, and Yedlin has to get used to being a right back in the modern game.

          1. We played 4-4-2, but it was not a flat midfield 4. Fernandinho anchoring along with Toure, with an attacking midfield duo of silva and nasri/milner/navas in front of them. It often was lopsided or at least assymetrical.

            The 4-4-2 is not completely archaic. The flat four brand of 4-4-2 is, yet many lower league English teams still use it.

            You missed the point of my comment.

  3. Michael Bradley was absolutely brutal until extra time… then he was quite good !!!! Shame he didnt play like that the whole game

    1. The panel on ESPN (and bein sports) indicated that Bradley’s position changed in Extra time that’s why his play improved and was able to make the pass to Green. It was a shift back to where he used to play, more a defensive mid-fielder who would venture forward at keys times.

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