Germany vs Algeria: Starting Lineups, TV Times And World Cup Open Thread

Group G winners Germany take on Group H’s runners-up Algeria in today’s second Round of 16 match.

Where to watch –

The game kicks off at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST, and this is where the game can be watched in the USA –

English language: ESPN and WatchESPN
Spanish language: Univision, Univision Deportes Network and Univision online
Portuguese language: ESPN Deportes

Referee –

Sandro Ricci (Brazil)

Starting lineups –

Germany: Neuer; Mustafi, Mertesacker, Boateng, Höwedes; Lahm, Schweinsteiger; Özil, Kroos, Götze; Müller.

Algeria: Mbolhi, Ghoulam, Belkalem, Halliche (c), Lacen, Feghouli, Slimani, Soudani, Taider, Mandi, Mostefa

Germany –

The Germans have put on a brilliant display of free-flowing attacking football in the group stages, and have a handful of goals to show for their efforts. They come into today’s game high on confidence, and as the favorites to go through to the last 8. They will have to make do without Lukas Podolski though, as the Arsenal man is forced to sit this one out through injury.

Algeria –

They would just be glad to have reached this far in the tournament after they finished as runners up behind Belgium in Group H. With the odds heavily stacked against them, they would be hoping and praying that they can cause a major upset today.

Statistics –

Surprisingly enough, there is not much to separate the two teams when it comes to pure numbers. Germany only just manage to edge out Algeria when it comes to chances created per game (8 chances compared to Algeria’s 7) and shot accuracy (Germany’s 55% to Algeria’s 50%). Algeria have scored 6 goals so far, just one shy of Germany’s 7.

As for the back-line, Germany have let in 2 goals so far, exactly half the number of goals conceded by Algeria.

Players to watch –

Striker Thomas Muller is a potent threat for the Germans up front. His 4 goals so far has put him in the reckoning for winning the Golden Boot for the second time running, and his wonder goal against USA in their final group game will give him ample confidence to further add to his goal tally.

As for Algeria, Islam Slimani is their vital outlet. He scored a goal apiece in the first and second group games, and will be hoping that he can score again tonight.

Prediction –

Germany are favorites to progress to the quarter-finals, and I fully expect them to do just that without breaking much of a sweat. I do not see Algeria causing such a big upset.

Germany 3-0 Algeria

Have some interesting insights to share? Do you see Algeria shocking the Germans? Do tell us below.

28 thoughts on “Germany vs Algeria: Starting Lineups, TV Times And World Cup Open Thread”

  1. Algeria’s counters are making the German back 4 look terrible. Playing with 4 natural CBs at the back is eventually gonna catch up to Germany.

    1. This Germany bk line has always been suspect. Without Hummels even more so.

      Lahm playing out of position. And while one can’t fret over it or change it, Germany miss Reus. Ozil not what he use to be.

      Per Mertersacker is slow. They are playing too high a line in the back.

      No creativity by the Germany midfield as they can do.

    1. I agree. Lots of wasted chances. Poor passing in the final third. They still look dangerous though.

  2. I love the 4-3-3 but i just feel like this team in a 4-2-3-1 would be so much more dynamic. And move lahm back to right back please.

  3. That had to be the worst free kick I’ve ever seen. Congratulations Germany!

    Looks like Kartik was right in saying that this Germany team is very overrated.

    1. You have to give Algeria a lot of credit. They didn’t sit back.

      Germany has always had difficulties when playing teams from Africa.

      I don’t know what Katrik wrote, but I don’t think Germany is “overrated” it’s other things.

      Backline was always been a concern. That is their Achilles heal.

      Losing Marco Reus wasn’t good either. He creates and makes excellent passes with assists and has speed.

      Lahm playing out of his normal position didn’t help.

      For me it’s more JL coaching and tactics. He’s using too much Bayern Munich style tactics. There was an article in Germany on this.

      The question was if JL should use Dortmund style tactics or Pep Bayern Tactics. Those familiar with Germany football known Bayern Munich have always had a lot of influence in the German Nat’l team via play and philosophy.

    2. Spot on R.O. it’s tactics and the fact that Germany have missed Reus, Gundogan, and both Bender Brothers.
      They lost their best attacking playing which equates to Argentina losing Messi and Brrazil losing Neymar.
      Ilkay Gundogan would have started today if he was fit too.
      Any team that loses those 2 players will suffer. Kartik was/is really wrong about them.
      Did he ever think that maybe it’s the coach’s fault by playing a Tiki Taka style that isn’t suitable to the German side?

  4. Just got home from work. Can’t believe it’s still 0-0! This is one crazy World Cup. Come on Algeria!

  5. Germany look like theyre trying to be the Euro 2012 version of Spain. 4-3-3 with dribblers/passers in wide positions and a false 9.

    Theres two differences: Ozil is not playing the “Silva” role anywhere near as well as the little magician. And Spain had quality attacking fullbacks who could provide width and dynamism in attack. Germany frankly do not. (Maybe they do in Lahm and Grosskreutz but they arent being deployed there.)

  6. Man I wanted to take a nap and typically this game has gone to extra time. Every tournament has to have a 0-0 draw with penalties so I guess this is the one. I don’t know about everyone else, but the second round has been a letdown and is tainting what started out as a good tournament. The goals are drying up, the performances not as dynamic and the chances of a classic game are slim. It’s really following the formula of recent world cups in that regard, especially 02 and 06. When you really think about it has there been a truly classic game since England-Argentina 98? One that people refer to like Italy-Brazil 82? Or what about a great solo goal, with one player taking on six others and scoring? And a truly great team? I don’t see any here. A shame as it all started out so well.

    1. Did you not watch any games this weekend? Great games, great goals. Nothing to rival Italy-Brazil of 82 but still dramatic, exciting stuff. This has been a great World Cup, arguably the best since 1982.

      1. Of course I watched them. Don’t even make me try to believe Brazil-Chile or Greece-Costa Rica were great games. Penalties don’t equal a classic. It’s been a good world cup, but nowhere near as good as 1986. For me 1990 was better too, but I have my own reasons for that. There needs to be a couple of classic games for this to really go down as a great tournament.

        1. Unless you are an England fan, 1990 was a diabolical tournament with some of the most negative matches ever. That tournament contributed to the change in the back pass rule. That Argentina almost won it by playing anti-football says it all.

          1986 was a good tournament, no doubt.

          Chile coming within a lick of paint of putting out Brazil. Costa Rica holding on with 10 men to see off Greece. Wonderful stuff.

          1. As all the tournaments prior to the mid-90s were before my time, i can confidently say this has been the best world cup ive ever experienced. Its been just flat out straight awesome stuff so far.

            Only disappointment for me is Germany playing possession instead of the all-out attack we were expecting.

            On a side note, while the whole tournament wasnt great in 2002 that Brazil team was brilliant.

          2. It still doesn’t mean they were technically great games. Watch Brazil’s performance. Rubbish. I was glad to see Costa Rica go through, but enduring the match was a challenge. And if you notice my post about 1990 I said I had my own reasons. I’m fully aware it’s derided as one of the worst. I still think it had better teams and stars than this World Cup, regardless of the quality of football. There’s no team in 2014 that’s as good as the Italians, Germans, English or even Yugoslavia. There were still some great games in that tournament as well. Let’s see in 2038 if we’re still talking about Brazil-Chile in the same vein as England-Germany, Holland-German, England-Cameroon or Italy-Argentina.

    2. Once teams make it to the knockout stages, they get cautious. Any mistake and you’re out.

      This was to be expected that goals per game would decrease.

      The thing that continues is that teams not expected to get to Rd 16 are still playing attacking football and going for it.

  7. Lineker once said: football is a simple game, 2 teams play for 90 minutes, and, at the end, Germany wins!

    Joking aside, Germany were far from impressive, and there is no guarantee that they can get past a tricky French opposition.

    2 out of 2 for Europe today for a change.

    Let’s hope it’s 0 out of 2 tomorrow!

    Still, with few exceptions, Europe and South America continue to dominate world football, the way they have done it for as long as the game has been played.

    The goalie for Algeria, M’Boli, is out of contract with his current team, CSKA Sofia. I wonder where he is going after a very impressive tournament.

          1. I think it is a hell of a lot easier to get up for 3 maybe four matches rather then the grind of a full season. Maybe it was a long day day at work for you so i will let the Lalas insult slide. :)

  8. Talking of great World Cup games, let’s hope Fridays quarter final matches the France V Germany semi final from 1982…..great game.

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