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Arsenal Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

arsenal away shirt 201415 main Arsenal Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

New photos of Arsenal’s away shirt for the 2014/15 Premier League season have been leaked on the Internet.

The new photos are the best yet to give us an idea of what the Arsenal away kit will look like for the upcoming season.

With new kit manufacturer Puma on board, Arsenal will be wearing a yellow away shir with blue trim. The shirt features a v-neck collar, and a distinctive blue secondary color that is featured on the shoulders and down the sleeves of the Arsenal away jersey.

In Arsenal’s history, the club has never worn Puma kits before. But the yellow and blue away colors have been quite prevalent in the Gunners history. Arsenal have worn yellow away kits — off and on for different periods of the club’s history — from 1969 onwards. And of course, Arsenal wore a yellow and blue combination as an away kit for the 2013/14 season, which was designed and manufactured by Nike.

What are your thoughts about the new Arsenal away shirt? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

arsenal away shirt 2014 15 front Arsenal Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

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2 Responses to Arsenal Away Shirt For 2014/15 Season: New Leaked [PHOTOS]

  1. CTBlues says:


  2. David Johns says:

    Don’t like the red writing and Puma badge, should be blue

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