57% Of Mexico Fans Blame Referee For El Tri’s Elimination From World Cup

Fifty seven percent of Mexico fans who responded to a poll in the Reforma newspaper blame the referee for El Tri’s elimination from World Cup 2014.

The majority of Mexico fans believe that Portuguese referee Pedro Proenca was to blame. The referee “bought” Arjen Robben’s dive after the Dutch player tripped over Rafa Marquez’s outstretched foot.

Meanwhile, 22% of the poll respondents blame the players, 6% blame the Netherlands and 5% blame Miguel Herrera.

In a subsequent poll that was published in the newspaper, Mexico fans answered the question regarding whether Arjen Robben dived or not.

Not surprisingly, 79% of Mexico fans believe that the referee should not have blown his whistle for a penalty against Mexico after Robben dived in the second half. But there was 18% of the respondents who did believe it was a correctly awarded decision.

Mexico fans were also asked to rate whether the refereeing during the World Cup was good, bad or indifferent during Mexico’s four World Cup games. Here’s what they said:

Mexico vs Cameroon — 9% good, 18% indifferent and 72% bad

Mexico vs Brazil — 49% good, 42% indifferent and 9% bad

Mexico vs Croatia — 25% good, 39% indifferent and 36% bad

Mexico vs Holland — 10% bad, 32% indifferent and 57% bad.

19 thoughts on “57% Of Mexico Fans Blame Referee For El Tri’s Elimination From World Cup”

  1. I was rooting for Mex, and I understand the anger.

    However, the real problem is Herrera went defensive WAY too early. Mex was on top, even after the goal. Why, with 30 min remaining, you take off a striker and put on a mid is beyond me.

    Mex were playing desperate defense with 15 min to go. I could see the writing was on the wall.

    In my opinion, Herrera just got his tactics wrong in this one.

    1. I despise Mexico, so I’m glad they lost. I do agree the problem was Herrera. I thought he took of Dos Santos way too early. That was a bad move. Mexico stopped playing after they scored the goal.

      I saw the writing on the wall as well. I figured it was only a matter of time before Robben or Sneijder would score.

      1. Actually, Van Gaal changed his formation after the water break (73rd minute I think) which was more influential than replacing Dos Santos at the 60th minute. The Sneijder rebound occurs in the 87th minute and that’s due to a Mexican player not marking him. The penalty is a Portugese sham – you’re just gifting the game and it looks bad and is unfair. As a team, you at least want to be treated fairly.

      2. David, do you despise Mexico or Mexico’s soccer team? I would measure my comments just not to appear as a bigot as you may.

        1. Well since this article is about the Mexican National team, it’s obvious I’m talking about them. Here’s a tissue.

  2. Did the water break cost Mexico? I think they had 6 minutes of injure time and the water break took 3 minutes and the penalty was in the 95th minute. Just saying. :)

  3. I don’t see how a team can be this angry when it was gifted a non-PK call in the first half. Marquez was a walking PK waiting to happen, and he merely got called for his weakest of three potential fouls in the box.

    Go home Mexico and stop complaining. Shouldn’t have even been in the Cup anyway.

    1. well… Jamie, they should have been at the cup as they were, because they won the last ticket rightfully… Yes barely, but those are the rules and I am sure the USA would not have liked a match versus them now, now that it counts. Anyways thanks for the help getting a ticket!

  4. Mexico it’s a team that is close of leaving the middle of the pack and knocking on the top echelon, but needs to learn how to manage a game especially while winning and needs a more potent attack. I imagine if Holland had scored first, would Mexico be able to pressure for 10 corners? I don’t think so. But the arrow looks up for Mexico. Haters should try to measure their comments because this is only a sport, but gets confused with national pride. Well done Mexico!

    1. I completely disagree. Mexico is just simply not good enough. There is a reason why they have been knocked out of the Round of 16 six times in a row. They are nowhere near the quality of top European/South American sides. They did beat expectations at this World Cup, but they have a long way to go to be even close to knocking on the door of the top sides in the world.

      1. Mexico had a pretty good run in the WC considering they imploded during qualifications and went thru 4 coaching changes. That said, the corner kick was an error on a Mexican player not tracking Sniejder but the Robben dive in injury time was highway robbery. Hector Herrera got kicked in the head in the penalty box and it’s not even deemed a penalty. The ref was poor and the fact that he didn’t caution Robben earlier in the game for diving meant that he could continue his diving show and he even admitted to diving during the game in an interview.

  5. I suppose most fans look the other way on diving/embellishment unless your a team is the victim. Unfortunately it’s a part of the game now, football’s dark arts.

  6. I think Robben’s over-acting covered the fact that it was a pretty clear trip. If he’s just fallen down like a normal soccer player, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. It was a dumb challenge.

  7. Mexicans are complaining a lot about the reffs. Well how come they don’t say anything when they scored a goal of an offside against panama? Or how about on the gold cup when chicharito was offside and scored because of it against el Salvador and at the same game el Salvador didn’t get a penalty from a foul inside the box? Mexico had a lot of help going into the world cup but none of this is mention. Let’s be real about things and if chicharito would’ve been in robben’s position he would’ve done the same thing and fall for the penalty. Quit crying and admit defeat like men

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