Netherlands vs Mexico: Starting Lineups, TV Times And World Cup Open Thread

In what many expect to be one of the matches of the weekend, Mexico takes on Netherlands in Fortaleza today. It’s a Noon ET/9am PT kick-off.

Where to watch –

Viewers from USA can tune in to these following for the 12 PM EST/9 AM PST kick off

English language: ESPN and WatchESPN
Spanish language: Univision, Univision Deportes Network and Univision online
Portuguese language: ESPN Deportes

Referee –

Pedro Proenca (Portugal)

Starting line-ups – 

Holland: Cillessen, Verhaegh, Kuyt, Vlaar, De Vrij, Blind, De Jong, Wijnaldum, Sneijder. Van Persie, Robben

Mexico: Ochoa, Rodriguez, Salcido, Marquez, Herrera, Layun, Dos Santos, Moreno, Guardado, Peralta, Aguilar

Netherlands –

The Dutch’s clean sweep in the group stages sees them come into today’s game brimming with confidence against Mexico, who finished as runners-up in their Group. They dispatched big names like Spain and Chile earlier in the competition, and will be hoping that the Mexican team will be a relatively easier test.

Mexico –

The Group A runners-up behind Brazil would be unnerved by the Dutchmen, as they themselves are coming into this game on the back of a solid 3-1 win against Croatia in their final group match. More of the same from them could pose some problems for Netherlands.

Statistics –

Looking at Mexico’s performances in the group stages, they boast a higher passing game than Netherlands (307 successful passes to 246 for the Dutch, and 81% of passes completed against Netherlands’ 77%).

However, Louis van Gaal’s men are way ahead where it matters. They create nearly 10 chances per game, while Mexico create just 8, while at the same time have averaged over 3 goals per game, which beats Mexico’s average of over 1 goal/game.

Mexico’s shooting accuracy lags at a dismal 36% compared to Netherlands’ 68%. This is something which needs to be worked on in order to improve their offensive record.

Players to watch out for –

Captain Robin van Persie serves his one match suspension and is now back to lead the Oranje today. He has been on song so far, and will pose a serious threat to the Mexican defense, and to goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, whose heroics against Brazil have made him an instant household name.

While on the other hand, it is his Manchester United team-mate Javier Hernandez who could upset the Dutch. He scored in Mexico’s 3-1 win against Croatia and would be looking to find the back of the net once again.

Prediction –

Mexico have done well to reach the Round of 16 in the tournament, but they come up against a Dutch competition who have simply grown in confidence with every passing game. I expect the Dutch challenge to be a bit too much for Mexico to deal with today. I see Netherlands progress to the quarter-finals.

Netherlands 3-1 Mexico.

Tell us who do you think will stand out today in the ‘Comments’ section below.

62 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Mexico: Starting Lineups, TV Times And World Cup Open Thread”

  1. Netherlands to put el tri out of tourney. Rafa will be exposed for what he is a big hack. The Orange 3 / el tri 0. :)

    1. He’s not my cup of tea but he is not unbearable like the screaming clueless idiot. Even though English is not his first language, he is still far more eloquent than GJ.

    2. It’s Fernando Palomo, not Alejandro Moreno. Palomo tries to bring the spanish/Latin style of calling the game into English, it doesn’t work.

      This is why I’ve been watching the Mexican WC on Univision.

      After the poor game calling by Darke and TT (IMO) of the Germany-USA game, I’ll be watching the USA game(s) on Univision too.

      For me Darke was just so annyoning in the game. Never heard him that way before. Maybe it’s working along side of TT that did that, I don’t know.

      I watched a reply of the Germany-USA game on Comcast on Demand via Univision, what a difference.

  2. This commentator is so annoying. Screaming every time Mexico get the ball and going ominously quiet when the Netherlands get the ball. He is worse than Gus. I wish ESPN would just stop using him. He spoils all the games he commentates on. so gyrating.

    1. Well per Qatar all the stadium will be Air Conditioned, so no need. It will be the people trying to get to the game who’ll need it.

  3. More evidence of climate change with these cooling breaks. Can’t wait until Qatar. What will they do there? It wil be four fifteen minute quarters. Great for Fox’ advertisers. Something wrong about cutting to adverts in the middle of a half.

    1. You mean any Sporting event in the USA. In the US, more people are standing in line to get food and drink or doing something else than watching the game.

  4. Nice gooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllll. It had been coming it has to be said. Mexico look fitter and better adapted to the heat. Another European side about to bite the dust?

  5. Holland going out. If Argentina fall to Switzerland, the draw will be wide open for team USA. They may never get a better chance of going deep in the World Cup if they get past Belgium on Tuesday. Mexico in the semis. It couldn’t happen, could it?

    1. It could and if it does the world may come to an end – lol.

      First USA has to get by Belgium. If Swiss beat Argentina, Don’t know if USA could get by Swiss. Plus if Costa Rica beat Greece, Mexico-Costa Rica game would be a hard fought game. Those two teams dislike each other big time.

  6. Call me old fashioned, but these cooling breaks are a joke. What about past World Cups that were even hotter? Mexico? USA? Even Spain 82? Nobody died of dehydration from what I gather. It just doesn’t look right. It seems unnatural, especially with an ad in the middle of it.

    1. @Huw, back in ’82 – fans used to fenced in like animals, how did that turn out? Do you want to go back to that as well?

      Is your rationale that people must die first, before changes are made?

      1. Give it a rest. When was the last death from heat exhaustion at a World Cup? Ones that have been played in far worse heat than this?

          1. Well it hasnt happened in 84 years so it will be a major first. For the third time there’s been world cups in far hotter conditions than this one and nobody died. I’m sorry you’re such a sensitive soul.

  7. Perfect penalty in the bottom corner. Netherlands have used their get out of jail card. Unlucky for Mexico. They’ve been mugged.

    1. Like how Roberto Martinez is fair in his analysis of game and what happen at end with penalty. Very good and non biased.

  8. Parking the bus did not work for el tri. Agree Depay made a difference with his speed.Wonder if RVP has a injure?

  9. Nice to see another European side through. Have to say there’s been some cracking finishes to matches in this tournament. I hope this helps show the excitement there is in football to the recent converts and bandwagon jumpers over there.

  10. Mexico had some great results at this world cup, coming off of qualifying by the skin of their teeth.

    However,yet again with a 2nd round exit, they’ve re-gained their status as CONCACAF’S #1 under-achievers.

  11. Ruud van Nistilrooy is too pro-Holland and saying that Robben has the right to use the defender’s leg to go down for the penalty is outrageous. Poor Roberto Martinez couldn’t get his point across. This is the worse case of bias in an analyst I have ever seen. Terrible.

    And he keeps using the “we” to refer to the Dutch team. Hey Ruud, not everyone knows or cares that you’re Dutch. Just give us your unbiased opinion!

    1. Oh leave it out. He’s Dutch, of course he’s going to give you their perspective. Get over yourself.

    2. I hope you have that same perspective on Tuesday when the USA play. Its going to be an onslaught of Americana.

    3. I thought Ruud went over the top in his defense of Robben for the penalty. He wouldn’t even listen to Martinez’s view on the incident and it showed lack of respect.

      It’s OK to be pro-whatever but it shouldn’t be so blatant and disrespectful of other’s views.

  12. Robben is a frustrating genius. Play him too close, this what happens. Give him space and he’ll punish you with his lefty.
    Feel bad for Mexico. They played great but you can’t defend with 30+ minutes remaining against a team of quality Dutch players.

    1. “defend with 30+ minutes remaining against a team…..”

      That’s been the case throughout this world cup. Has made for an exciting tournament.

    2. first of all MEXICO played a great game BUT minute 88 its time to step up your defence that means keeping the ball and play on the other teams side. now lets talk about the PENALTY, if you have the ability to play back in slow motion–you will SEE that he was clearly stepped on. Im watching the spanish channel and MEXICO coach does not see it-SORRY PIOJO”he’s nick name.. congrats NETHERLANDS

  13. So many games in this World Cup have been decided in the last minutes/moments of game. Wild. I don’t remember past WC having that many last moment scoring that lead to wins/loss.

    Makes for good watching for neutral fan and for football fans in general.

  14. ESPN (and Univision) lots of discussion on whether 90 + minute goal was a PK or not.

    That aside if it was or not will be debated for a long time.

    What I find interesting, coaches and players(especially those playing in Europe)know Robben has a reputation of “flopping” or going down easily but players still stick their foot or leg out around him in or near the box.

    Yes it’s in the heat of the moment especially so close to the end, but as Ballack has said on analysis other games, players have to ask themselves “what if”.

    To be fair, Robben isn’t the only player that has a reputation of doing it.

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