9 Kit Designs for Game of Thrones Houses

“And now my watch begins” would have been a relevant quote not just for members of the Night’s Watch but for soccer fans around the world to have used on June 12 when the World Cup started.

Nera Palacios, a fan of the popular book series and HBO show Game of Thrones has created mock kits for all the major houses of Westeros. Palacios used Nike jerseys and designed kits based on the houses slogans and symbols beginning with the North’s Night’s Watch and finishing with the three dragons of House Targaryan. Now that we’ve already progressed to the knock-out rounds, we say our prayers to the old gods and the new that our teams make it through.

Tell us in the comments, who do you think would win the Westeros World Cup?

The Night’s Watch

House Stark

House Bolton

House Tully

House Lannister

House Baratheon

House Tyrell

House Martell

House Targaryen


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