Everton Unveil Home Shirt For 2014/15 Season: Official [PHOTOS]

Everton Football Club have switched from Nike to Umbro for the 2014/15 Premier League season, and in doing so have gone from a blue and white trim kit to a blue and black kit.

For a club with such a rich history as Everton, the change is quite stark. The black trim gives the new Everton shirt a completely different look and feel.

According to the club website, “The new home kit has been inspired by the one worn by the Everton team of 1924 – the year that Umbro was founded and the year Everton won the Barcelona Cup in Spain wearing royal blue shirts, white shorts and navy socks.”

See for yourself. And share your thoughts on the new kit in the comments section below.

10 thoughts on “Everton Unveil Home Shirt For 2014/15 Season: Official [PHOTOS]”

  1. That trim looks navy blue on my monitor, are we sure it is black? I think this kit is a winner, and good job on the badge redesign.

  2. Nice. I’ve usually liked the Kits Umbro have designed. Wonder why England Nats switched from them to Nike?

    Never have been a fan of the Kits Nike design.

      1. Actually England (just like Man City) was switched over to Nike because they wanted to keep all of Umbro’s Assets while they still owned them (Nike was Umbro’s parent company from 2007-2012), before selling the Umbro brand to another company in 2012.

        1. Casey, even though Nike was Umbro’s parent company at the time, the cause for the switch always came down to money.

  3. Once again, Umbro creates kits that are amazing. I’ve noticed Nike trying to recreate some designs since selling them off, but falls flat on their face. Umbro is always one step ahead and have a fantastic and passionate design team. Well done Umbro!

    1. @Enrique, I thought it was the opposite. Umbro had seemed to have gotten more focused on their tailoring under Nike. It’s nice to see them continue that tradition.

      Overall it’s a nice shirt. Interesting shade of blue. I’m not a fan of the word “Umbro” on the sleeves though, it seems a tad too much over-branding.

      I understand that it’s Umbro’s first major PL account in a couple of years but they are hardly an upstart.

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