FIFA Bans Luis Suarez For 9 International Matches and From Soccer For 4 Months

Luis Suarez has been banned by FIFA for 9 international matches, and will not be allowed to participate in any soccer-related activity for a period of four months.

The worldwide ban is immediate and means that Suarez will miss this weekend’s game against Colombia as the first match of his ban.

He has been banned from entering the confines of any stadium for four months. He has also been ordered to pay a fine of 100,000 Swiss Francs.

This means that Suarez will be banned from playing for Liverpool and won’t be able to play for the Reds until the end of October, 2014. That means that the first game he’ll be available to play is in the first week of November when Liverpool plays Newcastle United.

The ban of 9 international matches and four months of any soccer-related activity is a result of an incident in the game between Uruguay and Italy where Luis Suarez bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.


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24 thoughts on “FIFA Bans Luis Suarez For 9 International Matches and From Soccer For 4 Months”

  1. Should be banned from the World Cup then 4 mo ths from the start of the season. No point in banning him over the summer when there’s no football.

  2. Tough but fair. Hopefully he will stay at Liverpool, miss the first 9 league matches and be fit to play at Newcastle first of November.

  3. He had to be punished.

    The only problem I have is that his club is penalized more than his country even though his action was while playing for his country. I don’t see the logic to this. I would rather have him being punished more for his country than his club. A 10 match international ban and 5 match club ban would have been better. Or something along those lines.

    1. 1.5 months of that ban is over the summer so he’s not missing anything. He’s will miss about 12-13 games for Liverpool so he should consider himself lucky.

      What I want to see is will he apologize or just play the victim again and blame everyone else. This is the man who never apologized to Patrice Evra for racially abusing him.

      1. Just because he wasn’t prosecuted does not mean a crime wasn’t committed. How can you bite someone without assaulting them?

  4. About what I expected. I am surprised they extended the ban beyond international duty.

    Liverpool fans should actually be thankful. No way anyone is going to trigger his buyout clause if he is going to miss that many games.

  5. Tough call, he gets 4 months for this (admittedly repeat offense) but a horrible knee level foul might not even get a yellow card.

    1. Difference is tackling is part of the game and biting is not. You can’t ban a player for months for a mistimed tackle because 9/10 the person making the challenge isn’t trying to hurt a opponent. I know there are exceptions to that like the Roy keane incident but like I said tackling is part Of the game and players are going to get Injured. Biting plays no part in a football match at all.

  6. Not good enough. Should have banned him worldwide for a year and fined him $500,000 or more. $111,000? C’mon, he makes way more than that in a week at Liverpool, drop in the bucket for him. Repeat offender, obviously the past punishments didn’t teach him a lesson, really need to b!tchslap him to get the point across.

  7. I believe this ban means he cannot be involved in any transfer during this period so Liverpool cannot offload him till January. At least that’s what SSN is saying.

    His bite on Ivanovich was worse and that got him a 10 match ban. I assume FIFA took into account his past behavior.

    1. The ban does not include transfers so that gives Liverpool options. They will spin it that they are selling Suarez for his own good so he can get a fresh start with his family away from England.

      1. Liverpool don’t need to spin it as it has been widely reported that Barcelona and Liverpool had already started negotiations for his transfer. What has probably changed is that Barcelona will get him for a lot cheaper, if they are still interested in him.

  8. Fairly close to what i would have done. I would have banned all football until next year and internationals thru next yrs Copa America.

  9. I wonder how tempted Liverpool are to offload him to Barca for Pedro and Sanchez. It has to be close to the last chance saloon for the hungry Uruguayan.

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