WATCH Greece 2-1 Ivory Coast Match Highlights [VIDEO]; Greeks Advance to Round of 16

What an ending to the match between Greece and Ivory Coast!

Greece defeated Ivory Coast in the last few minutes of the match to advance to the Round of 16 of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The winning goal came in controversial circumstances after Greece won a soft penalty when Georgios Samaras was allegedly fouled in the penalty area. With so much pressure on his shoulders, Samaras walked up and nailed his penalty kick into the back of the net to give Greece a shock 2-1 victory. If the scoreline had stayed at 1-1, Ivory Coast would have advanced instead.

Watch the highlights of the Greece vs Ivory Coast match here:

4 thoughts on “WATCH Greece 2-1 Ivory Coast Match Highlights [VIDEO]; Greeks Advance to Round of 16”

  1. Africa is dead continent, they w’ll never go forward and they will never learn their past mistakes, same as 2010 ghana vs uruguay gyan misses penelty to send the first african nation in to semi final, 2014 yaya toure misses the chance to sent african nation in to the queter final in brazil’s world cup which is magnificent achievement worth than semi final because ivry coast would have played the minnow’s costarica in the round 16 and that was straight quarer final. How many chances did they have to seal the match? African continent is like a baby who never grows up still always needs the breast feed of his mother always.

  2. The Ivory Coast were the better team but they made too many errors and for that alone deserve to be out of the tournament. They couldn’t score on a couple of breakaways that were easy and then when they lost the ball in Greece’s half all their forwards were walked back with only minutes left to play and Greece needing to score. Pathetic.

    1. brian, which team defended AND attacked more effectively? I implore you to rewatch the game. Greece had the majority of the clear-cut scoring opportunities…Ivory Coast probed but could never get a clear chance because the defense would block every shot. Our goalie wasnt even that busy.
      Posession was also pretty even.

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