USA – The Odds Are In Their Favour

As soon as the final whistle blew in Manaus, confirming USA’s 2-2 draw versus Portugal, their chances of progressing to the Final Round out of Group G soared up to a staggering 86% in the latest simulations.

Germany, the leader of the group and the final hurdle between the Americans and the final round of the World Cup, are credited with a 99.91% chance of advancing. USA’s last opponents, Ghana and Portugal, receive respectively 8.47% and 5.6%.

The odds formulated by bookmakers are equally revealing. Since the start of the competition, Jurgen Klinsmann’s men have impressed and their odds to qualify have steeply descended from a high 3,75 to a very low 1,26 for qualification. Indeed, Group G which seemed after the draw a foregone conclusion has proved very open, favourites Portugal and Germany both drawing 2-2 in their last match.


The odds for the American team to win outright tell a similar story. Starting impressively high at 250, the bookmakers’ quotes on the USA winning the World Cup have shrunk to 100 after the team’s first two games.

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America’s hopes are more than ever alive in this competition. Fans could not have dreamed of such a terrific start and bettors are few to have anticipated their performance. However, in recent days, bets on the USA have grown in volume.

How far can the Americans go? The question has already proven more difficult to answer than was originally thought with odds fluctuating wildly. However, interest steadily rising and odds sharply declining are a sure sign that more and more are starting to believe in the USA men’s soccer team.

4 thoughts on “USA – The Odds Are In Their Favour”

  1. With conceding a tie to Portugal it is clear that we are now relying on other nations results for the USMNT to qualify.

    I assure you that the soccer purist in America and the world will look at this as unfavorable for the U.S.

    Because true world soccer power nations win games in the group stage to allow them to move to the nock out stage and not having to rely on other nations results.

    With the U.S.A. losing that opportunity v Portugal we merely are were we started with Bob Bradley four years ago.

  2. These “odds” don’t factor in the extra day’s rest for Germany and Ghana, the injuries for Portugal or missing players, or the exhaustion for USA and Portugal coming out of Manaus. So why print this without those caveats? Why print it at all?

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