Photo Reveals Luis Suarez Bite Marks On Italy Defender Giorgio Chiellini [PHOTO]

A photo has been revealed that shows Luis Suarez’s bite marks on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Unfortunately, the Uruguay-Italy game was marred by a biting incident featuring Luis Suarez, which is the third such recent incident. Suarez bit Italy centre back Giorgio Chiellini. The Italy defender immediately bared his shoulder, but the match officials didn’t see the incident.

Suarez earned a 7-game suspension in 2010 after biting a player in the Eredivisie. He also was banned for 10 games after he bit a player while playing for Liverpool.

The incident involving Suarez in today’s game against Italy, where Uruguay went on to win 1-0, is yet another development in a disgusting, animalistic act by Suarez. Not only does he bite Chiellini, but he also feigns injury as he falls to the ground when he sees that the referee is watching.

FIFA must act now to ban Luis Suarez for biting Chiellini since the match officials missed the incident.

WATCHVideo of Luis Suarez biting Chiellini.

So much for Luis Suarez’s apology he published on his website in 2013 to promise to become a better footballer.

56 thoughts on “Photo Reveals Luis Suarez Bite Marks On Italy Defender Giorgio Chiellini [PHOTO]”

  1. What is appropriate here? 10 games? 20? I’d prefer a lifetime ban from international matches. Which is a shame, because I love watching him play but you can’t go around biting people!

    I think the odds of him being sold this summer just increased.

      1. An excellent question. Like Cody said below, anyone who wants to win at all costs. Often clubs will delude themselves into thinking they can reform a talented head case. Frankly, I still expect Barca to go in for him despite this.

    1. As someone posted on WST in another article regarding this incident:

      “It has gotten to the point where you don’t really think giving an extra chance will stop him from doing this again.”

      IMO should be a ban from playing all football (Int’l and league) for 1 full year. As noted in the comment, he’s done it 3 times now, a WC only dismissal won’t stop him from doing it again. No pay check for a year, no playing at all may give him something to think about in the future, but then again maybe not.

    1. it should’ve been 10 on 10 with the ball on the other side of the field!! Instead Uruguay scored at full strength less than a minute after the incident while the Italian Defenders were still trying to get back into the game after a player on their team was just bitten by a guy that has done this multiple times!!! This Game was tainted and it should be a draw!!! Suarez should be banned from International play and fined!!

  2. My prediction, FIFA will mess about with the “investigation”, he will play in round of 16 & they will win. They’ll ban him from the quarters, then Uruguay will get eliminated, & FIFA will tack on an additional 9 games. FIFA will say the ban only includes international games, and so he’ll miss 9 meaningless friendlies.

    Wait & see.

  3. suarez is great!!! jealous and envy people everywhere!!! nobody talks about the triumph and dedication of uruguay.!!! Nobody talks about the incident with aimar for instance. always suarez!!!!! you are superb

      1. Not sure what that means Bud? Im not even a fan of either team so I don’t have any loyalty to one side or the other. All I know is If I bite someone or attack them at work Ill most likely go to jail, meanwhile this guy bites someone and it ended up being the winning Bite!! FIFA needs to do something right away, but i’m sure they wont because they want their stars to play to attract more viewers!!

  4. He needs a lifetime ban. This is number 3. I just wish they could annul the result and award the 3 points to Italy. Suarez should have had a red card.

  5. I’d like to see the Italian player file an assault charge against Suarez, in Brazil, today. This should also have happened for the bite in the EPL. Let justice take its course and THEN have FIFA announce and apply the ban. Had this been done in England maybe Suarez would still be in jail.

  6. uruguayian people have no manners,they are nasty!cheap! and ugly dog face suarez is ghetto, with his butt ugly sniffing face no wonder his ugly ass likes to bite!!!

    1. We are all children of God and should not judge others as we all sin. Saying that uruguayian people have no manners and are nasty and cheap and that suarez is an ugly dog face and ghetto shows you are full of negativity, racism and hatred. I feel sad for you Cassey and hope you will find God and love in your heart.

      1. Remember 2011 when Luis Suárez was banned for eight matches for racial abuse of black player Patrice Evra!

          1. Apparently the nasty uruguayian people think its ok what he did and are schocked by fifas santion (not enough in my opinion)only shows the uruguayian people are ghetto and cheap but they are ijnorant as well.

  7. I guess as a LFC supporter the one word that comes to mind on how I feel is BETRAYED. I sure can pick them. My baseball team stinks, my hockey team stinks, my basketball team stinks, my NFL team stinks and my Football club has “Hannibal” as a striker.:(

  8. this is something drasticaly be forgeting.l.suarez is inhuman that live togather with human beings.presently let fifa commitee open eyes well on this incident being committing by suarez.because is something repeatable from him to many pardon to suarez at this movement.
    @YORKYOAL/JUBA south sudan

  9. So done with this POS THREE times biting and never his fault. I will never watch him ever again. Should have 1 year ban from all football club international and friendly. Barca or RM will break the bank and he will get paid. Anyone of us posting would be brought up on ASSAULT charges but since he can kick a football better than 99.9% of us people in power will look the other way.

    Dark day for fifa if nothing is done. I repeat i will never watch another match he plays in i don’t care if it is WC final or CL final.

    Oh yeah don’t forget he is a RACIST!

    1. If you take out a guys legs or headbutt them or punch them in the back or throw an elbow in their face would bring the exact same charges.

      1. not even on the same level all the things you mentioned happens in matches. BITING is never acceptable ever and this POS has done it three times. There is no way to defend this idiot your better than that.

        1. Im not defending him. Im just mentioning those incidents as malicious, not in the flow of play. Ramires looking to see if the ref is looking before elbowing the Sunderland defender or Zidanes headbutt in the finals. Those intentional malicious situations is what im talking about. For the record I believe that Suarez doesn’t belong near any pitch, for club or country, until he gets whatever is bothering him resolved. He has a disease, possibly borderline personality disorder, he needs better help and should be medicated not vilified.He obviously can’t help it.

      2. Actually, biting is bizarre but not any more dangerous or reprehensible than those other things. The absurdity of it is what makes headlines. Spitting would actually be worse but not as newsworthy

        1. I hope you know diseases can be transmitted from one person to another when biting occurs. I thought you had more common sense then to defend a 3 time biter guess i was wrong enjoy your star player for LFC.

          1. Of course I know that. Again i am not defending him or condoning him. My main concern is the future of the club and if you could sell him to Barca for 35m and get back Sanchez do it. I just dont know if you can

          2. jtm,I know about violence due to impulsiveness as my son is special needs. He has had biting incidents and kicking incidents and been thrown out of school after school for violence due to impulsiveness when he gets stressed or angry. He doesn’t want to do these things but he can’t help it. He was diagnosed as a high functioning autistic. He is now on 4 different medications. Now he is going into 6th grade, he just won the yearly principal award for most improved and I couldn’t be more proud. So understand when I say, I myself find it hard in the case of Luis Suarez to call him a POS but rather to condemn the action not the person. This is where LFC comes in and if they want to live by YNWA and not just preach it then they need to get him the help he needs and better help than whatever they did last year.

          3. I am thrilled your son has found the help for him to win the Principle Award. In your post your son has been held responsible more for his actions than ls which says everything. What if he had been banned for 6 months in Holland for the first bite then a year for the 2nd might not have gotten a 3rd bite. Who is going to make sure he medicates can already hear the excuses feels sluggish no drive.

            I want you to know we will agree to disagree but i am over the moon to know your son is on the right track and i wish him all the best in the future. :)

      3. I agree with you on this. The reason people are so up in arms is because it’s such bizarre behavior. What adult has the urge to bite another (except if you’re Marv Albert and you’re wearing a wig)?

        But let’s get down from the high horse, untwist the knickers, and get rational. Chiellini, like Ivanovic before him, wound up with teeth marks and didn’t miss a minute of football. So, how is this worse than players kicking and elbowing with an intent to injure. I seem to recall Keane bragging about purposely trying to end an opponent’s career. Hristo Stoichkov ended a college kid’s career with an awful leg-breaking tackle. He’s still celebrated for his 94 World Cup and time at Barca.

        Anyway, this is not a defense of biting. Suarez deserves a ban of some sort and needs psychological help. But in reality I’m more bothered by guys who go in with both feet into an opponent or elbow an opponent in the head. Ask Tab Ramos how it feels to have his skull broken by such a challenge that got nothing more than an ejection from a match.

      4. well it seems FIFA is leaning to treating this as the same as they would for all of the actions mentioned above. 4-6 game ban predicted

  10. fifa should also ban the Mexican referee for not doing anything but wait untill those stupid, ugly, Stinky uraGAYians play us, and we win! horse teeth suarez most likely want to bite our players to!! UGlY GAY ASS uraGAYian Turd!!

  11. This game is corrupt from top to bottom. This biting incident was both obvious and obnoxious. Life time ban for him, and a sanction against the referee who is also tainted.

  12. I love how Suarez rolls around on the ground after the incident holding his mouth, as if to say that it was Chiellini’s shoulder that was responsible!

    He claims that Chieliini elbowed him in the face. The elbow was a reaction to getting bitten.

    No excuses. The evidence is clear. If he plays again in this tournament then FIFA have lost any last remaining shred of credibility they had left.

    Such a fine footballer but clearly an immature person with anger issues who has no business being on a football pitch.

  13. It’s horrible behavior, it’s nothing to role model, it’s not a brilliant play, and it’s a vector for spreading/receiving disease, so ban away but more important, get him some help. If he believes he’s of two minds, two people, get one or both of them some medical assistance.

    1. whatever the vampire ( Suarez) did to Uruguay team against England, but he is stupid and very shame, he must learn how to fight against defenders than biting people…but may be he wants to show the world his other talent as vampire so that film makers from Hollywood call him for acting on vampire movies.
      very shame to him as superstar.

  14. careful he is both ominivour and canivour. He want to start feeding on fresh. Other side he is teaching defenders pressuring the strikers

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