How the USA Can Advance On Thursday In The World Cup [INFOGRAPHIC]

What does the USA have to do Thursday in the World Cup Group G to advance to the next round of the tournament? Any of the four teams (USA, Germany, Ghana and Portugal) can still mathematically qualify for the next round based on the results of the games, which will be played at the same time (USA-Germany, Ghana-Portugal) on Thursday. But what scenarios need to happen for the USA to progress?

If USA wins or draws against Germany, one of the top teams in the world, the USA will advance. But easier said than done. What are the implications if the US loses, for example, against one of the teams favored to win the World Cup?

World Soccer Talk designer Aram Gyan (@aghease) has broken it down for us into four scenarios:

Soccer is an uncomplicated sport that’s played with simple rules. It’s easy to grasp. But there are times when it can get a little complicated. Let’s hope the USA wins or draws on Thursday to make it super easy for soccer fans!

4 thoughts on “How the USA Can Advance On Thursday In The World Cup [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. The only reason the odds still seem somewhat in our favor is because we have a lot of unrealistic theoretical outs. (Beating Germany, or Portugal beating Ghana etc.)

    In reality, the two favorites in the remaining games,(Germany and Ghana) also benefit from an extra days rest. So while pure statistics give us an edge on getting out of the group, I think the truth is we are actually slight underdogs.

    We should keep the faith, but i fear that late goal is going to haunt us.

    1. i fear that you’re right about the unrealistic theoretical outs. it just seems too easy to picture a scenario where both Germany and Ghana win. Maybe I’m just too negative from cheering for England for all these years.

  2. I would have guessed the best odds were a German win over the US and a Portuguese win over Ghana. But you can never tell in football especially the World Cup.

  3. It is ridiculous that the first tie-breaker is not head-to-head. Goal differential, then goals scored and then finally head-to-head. You have to be kidding me. Head-to-head should always be the first tie breaker. There is no rational reason for this not to be.

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