Where to Watch the World Cup in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee is not renowned for being a hot bed of soccer. However, in the last few years, that lack of support has begun to disappear and is being replaced with a large, boisterous, and knowledgeable group of soccer supporters. Similar to support for soccer in most of the country, this growth has been spurred on by the American Outlaws. The Outlaws have established themselves in Memphis and continue to gather support from a wide variety of people.

With the USA’s recent victory over Ghana, there was a string of videos showing fans from all over the country going crazy over the game winner. No different in Memphis. Several bars in and around the Memphis area have been hosting USA World Cup watch parties.

Here are the best places to watch the World Cup in Memphis:

The Brass Door
152 Madison Ave.

Celtic Crossing
903 Cooper St.

The Flying Saucer
130 Peabody Pl.

Dan McGuinness – Spottswood
4698 Spottswood Ave.
East Memphis

Dan McGuinness – Southaven
3694 Goodman Rd.

There are probably a dozen more bars in the greater Memphis area also hosting USA World Cup watch parties. If you know of any more, put the word out and grow the game.

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