LISTEN to Argentina Radio Commentator Go Mental After Messi Scores Winner [AUDIO]

No matter what language you speak, you have to listen to the following commentary on Argentina radio from Saturday’s match after Leo Messi scored the wondergoal in the 91st minute to help Argentina defeat Iran 1-0.

The commentator starts out with the typical “GOLLLLLL” call but then transcends into a passionate rant, comparing Messi to the greats such as Pele, Gabriel Batistuta and even the Pope.

The commentary is from Argentine radio announcer Alejandro Fantino, who announced the game on AM 910 Radio La Red.

Listen to the commentary here:

Mobile app users, view the video here.


3 thoughts on “LISTEN to Argentina Radio Commentator Go Mental After Messi Scores Winner [AUDIO]”

  1. i was planning to ignore argentina vs iran, but after peeking at the 70th minute mark and seeing the score still tied, i had to watch the rest of the way.

  2. "You have Pelé, you have Copacabana, but we have Messi, we have the Pope, I don't care"
    -Sabella introduces Biglia- (Commentator) "Di Maria is out Alejandro, Biglia will defend now"
    (Alejandro Fantino) "Who is Biglia, who is Di Maria? Where are we? Who am I?"
    Omg, genius

  3. this is why Bazilians truly despise their snotty neighbors. the Argenines are the South American Yankee fans of soccer.


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