England Knocked Out Of World Cup By Luis Suarez’s 2 Fatal Blows After Costa Rica Upset Italy

It’s over too soon for England. A 2-1 loss to Uruguay in Sao Paolo coupled with a shock Costa Rica win against Italy means that England are out of the World Cup before they’ve even played their third and final game.

Against Uruguay, England battled – again – and were letdown – again – by a shaky defense, a soft midfield underbelly, and a certain lack of decisiveness that ruins major tournaments. There will be an inquest into what went wrong, but maybe the FA’s Greg Dyke had it right with his infamous throat-slash gesture at the World Cup draw last December.

The opposition was too good. England will try to put their finger on the problem with what went wrong against Italy, and mostly Uruguay, but the story in Sao Paolo begins and ends with that man named Suarez.

The Uruguay-England game was his game. His occasion. And he’s never one to miss a chance for a big show.

Suarez willed Uruguay to victory. He instilled his team with a manic kind of cardiac drive that flowed through a side that just days before had looked so stale and disinterested against Costa Rica that it would have been no shock if they exited the tournament without a point.

Against the Ticos, Uruguay were nothing short of dreadful. Like Spain against Holland and Chile, Uruguay looked like an old team past its prime – except their initial capitulation came against a team with far less talent than Spain’s opposition.

Suarez writhed uncomfortably on the bench that day, knowing he was tantalizingly close to fitness – tantalizingly close to changing the course of his team’s World Cup.

Against England, Uruguay was a completely different team. Belief and commitment flowed through their veins and guided their every action. Arevalo Rios became Daniele De Rossi. Teenager Jose Gimenez stepped into central defense for captain Diego Lugano and looked like he still thought he was at the under-20 World Cup.

It was remarkable. Uruguay were alive again. Diego Forlan inspired this very team in a similar fashion at the 2010 World Cup, but Forlan never had to contend an opening game like Uruguay had in this tournament.

As reviled as Suarez is in England, that’s how much he’s beloved in Uruguay. It showed in Sao Paolo.

It wasn’t just a sort of Willis Reed moment from Suarez that led Uruguay out of the fire of the Costa Rica loss with a shining new coat of armor either. Suarez – however fit he is – played what he said was “one of the best games of my life.”

So yes, undoubtedly, Suarez was superb. But without his presence inspiring his team, Suarez’s goals would have been for naught.

Had the Uruguay that petulantly and pitifully flamed out against Costa Rica played England, England would have won 4-0. Suarez was the difference.

Limited to just two meaningful touches of the ball, he punished the country he has long thought about punishing.

Suarez said, “Before the game too many people in England laughed about my attitude over the last few years. This is a very good time for me. I want to see what they think now.”

They’re devastated. They’re angry. It hurts to fail at a World Cup.

Suarez is the man who made it happen for Uruguay. Without him, Uruguay had no chance. With him, they came up gold.

It could have gone differently, had Diego Godin been rightfully sent off for a second yellow card early in the first half, or had Wayne Rooney put two of his three guilt-edge chances away instead of one. England didn’t play poorly.

The game-winning goal – the one that effectively ended England’s World Cup – had a striking similarity to Germany’s first goal in their Round of 16 match in 2010. A long goal-kick and a flicked header putting a potent striker in to finish.

It can’t happen at this level of the game. For those involved, especially poor old Steven Gerrard, it’s awful. But it just had a tinge of destiny to it, as Mario Balotelli’s game-winning goal had for Italy.

Sacking Roy Hodgson and tearing up the national team is not the answer. This was supposed to be the tournament of low expectations anyway.

England were unlucky. It would have served them best to play Costa Rica first or second. As the Spanish will attest, getting the points to extend your World Cup to a meaningful third game early is vital.

Instead, England ran into Pirlo. And then Suarez.

Not even Cristiano Ronaldo can inspire his national team like Suarez did. Lionel Messi neither.

It was a herculean effort – Suarez’s teammates hoisting him onto their shoulders at full-time was a fitting gesture.

That’s what makes Suarez so special. Not just his incredible talent, but his incredible will and fire. That’s what beat England.

It will be interesting to see what Uruguay do in the rest of this tournament. Of course, La Celeste won the World Cup the only other time it was played in Brazil. Would you really bet against them now? Suarez is the wildcard no other team has.

England were beaten by a player unlike any we’ve ever seen before and may ever see again. That was Suarez’s night, and he made sure that we’ll never forget it.

SEE MOREEngland have the potential for a bright future but it’s not going to happen by accident.

18 thoughts on “England Knocked Out Of World Cup By Luis Suarez’s 2 Fatal Blows After Costa Rica Upset Italy”

  1. I think Ronaldo couldn’t inspire his team because one guy is a complete idiot, Nani is well Nani, and he was playing with 10 men.
    Godin should have definitely been off as well.
    Uruguay and England are both mediocre sides. One has an inform star striker the other doesn’t.
    Great for Concacaf if Costa Rica wins the group but I don’t know how much of an effect that will have on the coefficient.

  2. Costa Rica deserved winner of the group. Right before the goal, the referee didn’t call a stone cold penalty for the Ticos.

    England deservedly 3 and out. Simply not good enough. They will not be missed.

  3. Who has ever thought costarica w’ll win this group? I predicted them to concede atleast 10 goals against those wonderfull three teams. Spain out england out and italy&portugal their hopes hanging thread, what a world cup this is turning to be

  4. A lot of English fans say how easy it is to qualify in CONCACAF and how poor the sides the US and Mexico face are, but I find pleasure that England (although they have yet to play CR) and Italy had to find out the hard way.

    1. If you play this match again Italy win 9/10.
      They lost doesn’t mean Costa Rica are better than them. They were the better team on the day but come on Italy would break the points record we set in Qualifying.
      England may very well beat Costa Rica for all we know they’ll be the underdogs and we know how the underdogs have done in this tournament.

  5. We England supporters pay the price every tournament for having the best domestic league in the world. When at least 7 or 8 starting players on any EPL club are foreign, the opportunities for young English players to develop is limited. Stuart Pearce made the point that 6 or 7 of Germany’s current team played in the U/21’s five years ago. England had one. Joe Hart (Milner was included but hasn’t played). That speaks for itself.

    1. Or they aren’t good enough?
      At Manchester United we have given our young guys a fair shake and they haven’t turned up.
      Welbeck consistently plays for us, along with Smalling. I think they are getting chances the thing is if your good enough you’ll play.
      Most of those German U21 players were from midtable clubs. Ozil from Werder Bremen and Khedira from Stuttgart.
      The development system is much better over there.
      The problem is that the midtable to lower league clubs don’t have good enough youth systems (Not all but most).
      More money should be put into teams with youth systems.

      1. Using Man Utd players as a benchmark given their recent season proves my point.
        I agree though, the England players just aren’t good enough internationally.

  6. The biggest problem with this English side is that the players rarely play well together. Many are just individualists who believe the media hype that they are special and bound for greatness.

    Look at how well Cavani and Suarez, both excellent footballers, play so well together each setting up the other. Name two English players who do the same? I cannot think of any. Players like Sturridge just want to score on their own and rarely will make the extra pass to someone that’s in a better position. Until this part of England’s game is solved it will make no difference who the manager is because they will continue to fail.

      1. Sturridge for England is not the same as for Liverpool. At Liverpool he knows that Suarez is the main man and if he didn’t pass it to him he would be chastised. There were times even when playing for Liverpool that he was selfish and had run-ins with Suarez.

        1. I saw Sturridge on numerous occasions not pass to Suarez. He’s a selfish player and that’s just how he is. He wouldn’t be the player he is without that.

        2. thats right and I saw sterling throw his hands up to his face while a Suarez goal was going in for a hat trick and not being passed to. You can have worse qualities as a player than to want the ball at all times with some selfishness. At times it may be a disputed play but taking the shot when you have it is never the wrong play

    1. Pretty sure Glen Johnson passed to Rooney on the goal.
      Didn’t Rooney assist Sturridge’s goal laste week?
      You only name Sturridge who is notoriously selfish.
      They lack a style of play which would be a better description not that they are letting the media get to them.
      I think all National medias hype up there Players.IIf I believed some of the stuff Lalas sad then I’d think Dempsey and Bradley are World Class players that should be playing in the Champions League.
      I saw a team of Individuals same as you but theyjust lacked a defined playing style not that they were purposely not passing to certain teammates. It’s not like that. It’s a combination of poor coaching, team selection, and t he defense not being up to it.

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