WATCH Uruguay 2-1 England: Luis Suarez’s 2 Goals Are Killer Blow; Match Highlights [VIDEO]

England are on the verge of exiting the 2014 FIFA World Cup after losing to Uruguay 2-1. Both of the goals scored by Uruguay were put in the back of the net by Luis Suarez. Who else?

Initially, Wayne Rooney scored an equalizer for England to tie the game 1-1 with Uruguay in the World Cup Group Stage match at Sao Paulo.

After 10 World Cup games, Rooney finally got his first World Cup goal after he tapped the ball into the back of the net from a Glen Johnson pass. Rooney was perfectly placed to score the goal near the far post.

Watch Wayne Rooney’s goal here:

But it was Luis Suarez’s late goal that sealed the victory for Uruguay. Watch the highlight here:

And if you missed it, here’s the first Suarez goal from the first half of the match:

7 thoughts on “WATCH Uruguay 2-1 England: Luis Suarez’s 2 Goals Are Killer Blow; Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. People lashed out at me when I predicted England would go three and out after that unipressive draw vs Honduras. They caught a break against an 80% Luis Suârez, favorable temperatures in today’s game, and a Costa Rica win but still failed to capitalize. At least young players like Sturridge and Sterling got experience they can carry to the next cycle.

    1. I agree Javier. I was at the Honduras game. As soon as I saw how they played there and that Ox was injured, my estimation of how they would do in the World Cup dropped significantly. They were pathetic that day. And they haven’t been that much better in two games in Brazil.

      1. Don’t want to pull an “I told you so”, but I actually predicted England would end up 4th a long time ago. Still a chance for that to be wrong, but at this point I’m still looking good!

        That back line for England is piss poor, and Gerrard is miles off the pace.

        Joe Hart is the opposite of a calming influence in the back.

        Sturridge did some good things, and could have had a penalty. Rooney had some chances he’ll wish he had back, but otherwise it was another technically inferior performance from England. It seems to always take them 3-4 touches when the opportunity is only on for 1-2.


  2. This WC has passed Gerrard by. He’s 3-4 steps off the pace and has contributed little. He’s been England’s Xavi. These fast, high pressing teams are dominating the group stages and Roy has yet to adjust. England needed Milner’s pace and work rate today and clearly the defense has not had enough matches together to gel. That will come with time.

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