Uruguay vs England: Starting Lineups And World Cup Open Thread

The stakes have been raised for both the teams in todayt’s blockbuster clash between England and Uruguay at 3PM ET/12 PM PT

Where to watch –

English language: ESPN and WatchESPN
Spanish language: Univision, Univision Deportes Network and Univision online
Portuguese language: ESPN Deportes

Referee –

Carlos Velasco Carballo (Spain)

Starting lineups – 

England starting XI: Hart, Johnson, Jagielka, Cahill, Baines, Gerrard, Henderson, Welbeck, Rooney, Sterling, Sturridge

Uruguay starting XI: Muslera, Caceres, Gimenez, Godin, Pereira, Gonzalez, Rios, Lodeiro, Rodriguez, Cavani and Suarez

England –

Following their 2-1 setback on opening day against Italy, England find themselves in a precarious situation going into today’s game. A loss would see their World Cup dreams shattered, thus there is zero margin for error for The Three Lions.

Uruguay –

The Uruguayans suffered a shock in their opener against Costa Rica as their 3-1 defeat has left them languishing at the bottom of the table. With they also facing the prospect of an early elimination, they will be desperate to make amends tonight against England.

Statistics –

Despite scoring just one goal, England managed to carve out 15 chances against the Italians throughout the game. That could give Roy Hodgson’s men some encouragement and belief in attack today. They could resort to a ‘shoot-on-sight’ policy again tonight, given the fact that they took 18 shots on Sirigu’s goal. The Uruguayan defense would have to put in a shift tonight to repel the English attackers and keep them at bay.

Men to watch out for –

Daniel Sturridge scored England’s goal, and looked like the most potent threat up front. With Wayne Rooney being drafted back in the hole behind him, we can expect Sturridge being supplied with more opportunities to score.

Uruguay have been lifted with the return of Sturridge’s Liverpool partner Luis Suarez, who has been declared fit and is set to start the match. His trickery and pace is something that would definitely prove to be a headache for the English defenders.

Prediction –

With both the teams in danger of being eliminated, we will surely see both of them go all-out in attack, and can expect a high octane contest. Goals could rain today, but I expect a draw at the end of a pulsating contest.

Uruguay 2-2 England

82 thoughts on “Uruguay vs England: Starting Lineups And World Cup Open Thread”

  1. Why does ESPN have Alexi “English hater” Lalas on in the studio for this game?

    “England only has one world-class player”???! Ridiculous!

    1. Because American/US audiences want a recognizable US name (Alexi past fame) and Alexi has that. Honestly the US doesn’t really have a good ex-player host/analyst who’s isn’t controversial. Maybe the US does but that person is not interested in being on TV.

      1. Lalas is cocky but he’s right.

        England has one world class player in a slightly out of form Rooney or perhaps two, with an aging Gerrard.

    2. And who, exactly, are England’s other world class players? Hart, maybe? Sturridge was 2nd highest scorer on the 2nd place team. Who else in England’s side start for Real Madrid? Barca? Bayern? PSG?

      1. Not on today’s form, but I would add Daniel Sturridge, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ross Barkley to the list.

        1. You would… But 90% of the World would disagree with all three. Only Barkley has a a chance. Ox, don’t look like it now, and hasn’t show signs of it in the future.
          So does he ‘hate’ England, or does he actually have a subjective view that you can’t have. hmmmmm . Tough call, when you wanna root yet still observe.

    1. That’s how Uruguay has always played, in fact they use to be even worse. Famous for that in South American.

      The culprit here is the Ref for not issuing a second yellow. No sure if Uruguay down to 9 but differently down to 10.

  2. Time to be bold Roy.

    Welbeck, Rooney, Henderson off

    Lallana, Barkley, Wilshire on.

    Have to change it up.

      1. I didn’t give thumbs up or down but I am curious. Why do you call people Muppets? Is that some British thing?

    1. The only way England can get back into this game is either (1) they win a penalty, or (2) Ross Barkley comes on for Rooney.

      If Rooney is the engine of this team, we’re doomed. He continues to do nothing. And please don’t bring Wilshere on. He’ll lose the ball in midfield and won’t track back, allowing Uruguay to break on the counter.

      It’s time for Hodgson to make some serious changes. This England team will not win the match at this rate.

    2. How does Gerrard stay on the pitch? He’s 2-3 steps off the pace. He’s won no 50/50 balls. He can’t track back in defense, and his set pieces have been poor. He’s no offensive highlight reel, but England needed Milner’s work rate in midfield.

  3. I’m sympathetic to Rooney but he is clearly out of form. Welbeck is doing nothing. Defense is all over the place and getting no help from Henderson or Gerrard. It’s over.

  4. It might be the kind of game for Lambert. More of a physical presence up front.

    Either way, England are very poor tonight. No amount of subs could change the outcome. England are going out.

      1. Gerrard assists on another Suarez goal, except this one was not to Gerrard’s advantage. He didn’t know anything about it and the England defense should never leave Suarez alone.

        As long as Italy beat both Costa Rica and Uruguay, and they are well capable of it, then England can still progress with a big win against Costa Rica. We’ll know more tomorrow after the Italy-Costa Rica match.

          1. If Roy made changes to his line-up, starting with the dropping of Gerrard, then they have a chance of beating Costa Rica. Otherwise, you’re correct they won’t the way they are playing at the moment.

        1. “this one was not to Gerrard’s advantage. He didn’t know anything about it and the England defense should never leave Suarez alone.”

          That’s the same thing Roberto Martinez and Lalas said in the after show.

          Good/Great Defenders have to always think “what if” and Great Forwards/Strikers are thinking “what if”

        1. Hes playing out of position at CB. Mainly because hes the only capable CB we have and Fabian Johnson is a decent RB.

    1. That Scottish lad all dressed up amongst the Uruguay fans made my day. That was funny. It will be among the best images of this World Cup.

      1. Really? I guess he got a reaction so well done. It’s just a little pathetic to spend all that money to go down there and rub England’s noses in it when Scotland did not even qualify.

  5. Lovely long ball goal for Uruguay’s second. Nothing wrong with that.

    Woy shold be back in time to renew his season ticket at Southampton (for the good it’s done him).

    1. Gary Neville will take over if England don’t beat Costa Rica. Cannot see Roy staying at his job if England get anything less than 3 points.

      1. I can’t see him staying in the job even if they do get 3 points, they’ll still end up going out in the group stage and that won’t cut it in the media or for the fans. The Axe will be waiting for Roy

  6. We are not good enough, plain and simple. We will lose to Costa Rica too next week. Shades of 1988 when we lost all 3 games at the Euros.

    Let the inquest begin. Is it coaching? Is it tactics? Or it it a lack of players coming through? Our EPL helps players like Suarez get better yet does nothing for our lads.

    We were a lot worse in 2010 but we went further. Roy went with youth but that didn’t work. Not sure what we do now. Roy might as well stay on. At least the mood in the squad was better this time.

    The long wait goes on.

    1. The EPL is like a world league. It’s getting harder and harder to pick an England team from it.
      Look back to 1986 and 1990 and England would get to the semi finals and be unlucky not go on and win the world cup, 30 yrs later and a league full of overseas players and they can’t even get out of a group stage.

    2. I think the talent is absolutely there. Particularly the young attacking midfielders. If anything For once England is short on box to box mids.

      This is down to Hodgson for me. Poor tactics. Scared to use a 3 man midfield even though Italy beat them using it. Doesnt know how to use multiple playmakers in the same side. And as usual England dont seem to know what to do with the ball in the attacking third besides get it wide and get it in.

    3. Smokey: first it was Lalas, then the ref, then the “nasty” Uruguayans, then a “muppet”

      Now that the truth is irrefutable, you give the typical “We are not good enough, plain and simple.”

      The English never like to hear the truth from others – that their footballing history the last 40 years, has been diabolical. Full stop.

      1. What have I said that is not true? I’m much more even handed than some on here.

        Sounds like you are giving it the stereotypical stuff bringing up the past 40 years. We’ve had some decent world cups in that time e.g. 1990, 1982. We’ve now had 2 bad ones in a row. That’s all.

    1. Thierry Henry is proving very good. Quite like Danny Murphy co-commentating too.

      Dixon and Hoddle talk sense but would be better on BBC.

      My favourite teams so far have been Chile and Colombia.

  7. Smokey’s player ratings

    Hart – 3. Not a top level keeper. Could not stop a beach ball.

    Johnson – 4. Plays like someone who knows he’s no good. A footballer not comfortable on the ball

    Cahill – 5. Put himself about, Old school defender in a game that has passed the old school by.

    Jagielka – 5 . Hard working but short of class.

    Gerrard – 3. Impostor. No way was that the real Stevie G.

    Henderson – 5. One of his better games, funnily enough.

    Sterling. – 5. Not one of his better games.

    Welbeck – 4. Completely anonymous. United fans know it all too well

    Rooney – 7. Tried his best but no more comparisons with the best in the world

    Sturridge – 3. Too much of a luxury. Not as good as he thinks he is.

    1. I disagree that Hart is not a top level keeper. Not one of his better games for sure but aside from a rocky calendar year 2013 he has been incredible at Manchester City at least.

    2. Harsh rating on Hart. Neither of the two goals were his fault. He looked awkward though. 5 for me.

      I thought Gerrard should have been the first taken off. A bad night, and not for the unintentional flick-on for the second goal either.

      Pretty much spot on for the rest except for Baines. Bad first half and good second half = 5 for me.

  8. I cannot believe Jagielka got a 5. Picked on form? He hasn’t played for months it’s just Woy couldn’t squeeze a centre back out of Southampton.

  9. Johnson and jagielka were joking all night bainez is not good enough to replace a.cole. Gerrard probably the worst tonight. Wonder what kind of future lies ahead of england? They got weaker and weaker after tournament after tournament. As a fun of england can’t see them reaching semi’s again for decades to come whether its world cup or european champioship

  10. Geez, the England tabloid front pages will be having an absolute field day with how they depict the loss tomorrow…

  11. Hey Cahill and Jagielka, you know that Suarez bloke that plays in the same league as you lot? Yes the one who scored over 30 goals this season, and was voted player of the year, well do you think it might be a good idea not to give him too much space?

  12. Welbeck sucks, he’s been crap for Man Utd all season and he did nothing tonight. Not sure why he’s getting the nod ahead of Lallana.

  13. What England needs is a manager that can manage the youngsters and create a system that they can thrive in. A young manager with fresh ideas would be ideal. They need to make the change now.

    Unfortunately for England the English FA will not do anything till before Euro 2016 if England don’t qualify or after Euro 2016 when England fail again.

    1. “What England needs is a manager that can manage the youngsters and create a system that they can thrive in”

      Roberto Martinez? (if he can be talked out of Everton)

  14. Watching other games was indicative of how bad England were. Probably 20-25 teams in the tournament most likely would have beaten England. I remember thinking the same thing four years ago in South Africa and it goes to show nothing has changed. The sad part is that in two months, all this will be forgotten and the England players will be back at their clubs being idolized among the foreign players who embarrassed them on the world’s biggest football stage.

  15. USA needs to watch video of this result and put it in their back pockets on how NOT to defend a world class player whose fitness is in question.

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