More Than 11 Million Watch Mexico Against Brazil On Univision Deportes and ESPN

Tuesday’s telecast of Mexico against Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup was viewed by 6.8 million people on Univision Deportes, which beat ESPN’s coverage of the same game by 61%, and 4.2 million people on ESPN.

Through yesterday, Univision’s viewing numbers for the 2014 World Cup are 54% greater than in World Cup 2010 for the same period.

On the digital side, Univision saw a record breaking 9.5 million visits and over 8.3 million video views. There’s no doubt that the numbers are helped by soccer fans being able to watch live, online coverage of the matches without authentication required unlike WatchESPN.

Meanwhile, the Mexico-Brazil TV rating was the most-viewed World Cup group stage match in Univision Deportes history among total viewers, besting the Mexico-France match on June 17, 2010 (6.0 million total viewers) and Mexico-South Africa match on June 11, 2010 (5.9 million total viewers).

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5 thoughts on “More Than 11 Million Watch Mexico Against Brazil On Univision Deportes and ESPN”

  1. I watched it on Univision and I don’t speak spanish. Why did I watch it on Univision instead of ESPN? Because of the announcers ESPN were using.

    There was no need for ESPN to have Spanish/Latin announcers who speak English. Mexican fans and spanish speaking fans were going to watch the game on Univision.

    ESPN should have just had one of their regular English speaking crew work the game.

  2. So soccer is popular among the Spanish-language demo. WHAT A SHOCK. /sarcasm

    Meanwhile, among the English-language demo, soccer still continues to not matter at all. And never will.

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