USA-Ghana World Cup Game Breaks TV Viewing Records On ESPN and Univision Deportes

Monday night’s live World Cup broadcast of USA against Ghana broke TV records on both ESPN and Univision Deportes. The game was ESPN’s highest-rated men’s soccer match ever, which averaged a 6.3 US HH rating and 11 million viewers, while Univision’s broadcast of the game was viewed by an average of 4.8 million people. The game ranks as Univision’s most-viewed USA match in the history of the network.

How does that compare to the US-Ghana game from World Cup 2010, when the two teams last played — in the Knockout stages of the tournament? The game, which was shown on ABC, averaged 14.8 million viewers, which was nearly 2 million greater than 2010’s USA vs England game (also on ABC).

Tournament to date, the numbers on ESPN and Univision are greater than World Cup 2010. Seven highlights include:

1. Univision Deportes’ World Cup audience is 48% larger than World Cup 2010 through 14 matches,

2. ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC ratings up 19% over 2010 to date,

3. The USA-Ghana game was ESPN’s highest-rated telecast since January 6 BCS National Championship,

4. Univision Deportes has reached 36.5 million total viewers for 2014 World Cup to date,

5. ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC have combined to average a 2.5 US HH rating and 4,112,000 viewers through the first 14 matches, marking increases of 19 percent and 23 percent, respectively, over the 2010 World Cup,

6. Last weekend was the most-viewed opening weekend in World Cup history for Univision Deportes, averaging 3.8million total viewers,

7. Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina was the most-viewed match on Univision on Sunday, across all networks regardless of language, delivering 4.9 million total viewers.

Both ESPN and Univision Deportes are broadcasting live matches to soccer fans in the United States. More details regarding both networks are as follows:


Spanish-language Univision Deportes launched 24/7 coverage of the World Cup in June with the most coverage the United States has ever seen.

• Univision president discusses World Cup coverage plans,
• Univision Deportes announces talent lineup for World Cup 2014 coverage,
• Univision Deportes to kick off 24/7 coverage of World Cup 2014 on June 9.


ESPN is bringing you all 64 games live on television and Internet.

• ESPN announces hosts for World Cup TV coverage,
• ESPN names 4 additional analysts for 2014 FIFA World Cup,
• ESPN hire Jon Champion and Daniel Mann as World Cup 2014 commentators,
• ESPN announces studio team for World Cup 2014 coverage featuring Van Nistelrooy and Gilberto.

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10 thoughts on “USA-Ghana World Cup Game Breaks TV Viewing Records On ESPN and Univision Deportes”

  1. The number probably doesn’t account for the number of people of filled bars and viewing parties.

    I also wonder what kind of traffic the Univision Deportes app is receiving. I know several people streaming matches from their app if they can’t access Watch ESPN.

    1. You’re right. If you took the bars and any other venue which was showing a game in front of a crowd I would be curious at the total viewers that would be watching a game.

  2. Really surprised that USA vs Portugal isn’t on ABC this Sunday rather than South Korea vs Algeria. With the NBA Finals now over the World Cup is in prime position to stay as the focus into July. That would have given Disney an opportunity to shatter those 2010 numbers via the over the air TV station. Maybe next round…

    1. Totally agree that ABC should be airing the USA vs Portugal match. Too bad they think that their 6PM ET local news is more important than this match. Darn those local ABC affiliates. Guess I’ll have to catch the match on Univision instead. Will the local affiliates really even lose that much ad money for not airing a half hour long news program?

      1. Local TV affiliates hate losing out on their 6pm and 11pm news broadcasts no mater what the circumstances are. They especially hate any live event that may run late and preempt their newscast.

        To the local affiliates, their only way to make any significant ad revenue is during these 2 small windows in the evening. They hate giving them up without far in advance notice and proper compensation.

        I guess making sure that all the murders, fires, arrests, and rapes for that day are much better viewing than a sporting event.

  3. Whenever I watch a world cup match and listen to Ian/Macca, I keep thinking that we’ll have to listen to Gus Johnson’s braying voice in 4 years.

  4. So basically, ratings among the Spanish-language demo are high, as they’ve always been, while the soccer ratings among everyone else are pathetic, as they’ve always been.

    Just more evidence that soccer doesn’t matter in the United States. And that it never will.

    1. Well…that’s too bad. Missing out for sure. Oh well. Here in my country football is the only thing that matters right now. You keep your hangegg and baseball, those are two sports that will never matter except in the U.S. which I’m sure is how you like it. By the way, Americans bought the most tickets for this World Cup…I’m assuming that means it does matter.

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