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Top 10 Nations Most Likely To Win The World Cup After End Of Round One Games

world cup Top 10 Nations Most Likely To Win The World Cup After End Of Round One Games

Now that the first round of games in the 2014 FIFA World Cup have concluded, here are the top 10 teams most-likely to win the World Cup. Note that the top 10 list doesn’t factor in the first match of the second round of games that was played today between Brazil and Mexico.

1. Brazil — 54% (unchanged)

2. Argentina — 15% (Argentina are the biggest beneficiary of Spain getting beat 5-1 by Netherlands, increasing their chances of winning from 10% to 15%)

3. Germany — 8.8% (increased from 4.5% after defeating Portugal)

4. Netherlands — 5.5% (an increase from 1.2%)

5. Spain — 5.1% (a huge drop from the 21% odds at the beginning of the tournament)

6. Colombia — 3.3% (increased from 1.6%; They now have a 94% chance of making it out of their group)

7. France — 1.9% (increase from 1.2%)

8. Chile — 1.5% (increase from 1.0% at beginning of World Cup)

9. Mexico — 0.7% (increase from 0.2%)

10. USA — 0.6% (increase from 0.2%).

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7 Responses to Top 10 Nations Most Likely To Win The World Cup After End Of Round One Games

  1. lefthog says:

    Mexico has a higher chance than Italy??

    The US have a higher chance than Belgium??

    Really? Check that simulator again.

  2. ivan says:

    How is Italia not on there? They are a better side than 5 of the 10 listed.

  3. Jake says:

    The fact that the US and Mexico are listed ahead of Belgium and Italy is a joke. Both teams are on course to win their Groups.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      You could argue that USMNT’s win against Ghana was more impressive than Mexico’s win against Cameroon.

  4. l see your top ten with your stats, l agree
    with brazil, my second hunch is the netherlands, and argentina and then chile.

  5. Jai says:


  6. antony says:

    argentina only team is now in top and performance brazil is loss everything even their performance they likely play as la la liga roup match they are very very bad upto their performance i think only argentina will win WC 2014

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