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How To Watch World Cup 2014 Games At Work

usa soccer fans How To Watch World Cup 2014 Games At Work

Millions around the world will struggle with the fact that while they’re at work, the World Cup will be going on and they won’t have an opportunity to watch the matches live — especially if you live on the west coast of the United States.

Here are the options for how you can watch World Cup games from work:

1. Every game will be streamed online via Univision Deportes. The big plus with Univision is that there is no authentication required to watch their games — from the first game all the way through until the Knockout Round games. That means you just need to visit and click on the video to watch the game live. There’s no registration required either.

2. Watch games on your mobile device. If your employer frowns on employees eating up bandwidth to watch games on your work computer, use your tablet or smartphone to watch games. Univision Deportes streams every game live via its app to smartphones and tablets (no authentication required). Or you can try the WatchESPN app. However, note that authentication is required and not every TV provider has a deal in place to allow you to watch games.

3. Listen to games on radio. For fans that want to listen on the radio, all matches will be streamed online on and available via the ESPN Radio App. Subscribers to SiriusXM will have all of ESPN Radio’s World Cup broadcasts. Fifty six of the 64 games will air on SiriusXM Channel 84. When two matches are airing simultaneously, one will air on SiriusXM 84, and the other on SiriusXM 85. ESPN Deportes Radio, the only all-sports 24/7 Spanish-language radio network in the U.S., will offer news, scoring updates and analysis around-the-clock.

4. Use the web. has a live score ticker on every page of the site (near the top) as well as an open thread where fans stay updated on the games. We typically post match highlights within an hour after the final whistle.

Hopefully all these options will help people that get in the situation of having to work instead of watching the World Cup. Enjoy the tournament and remember to look out for your boss.

PS — If you have other ideas of how to follow the games, post them in the comments section below.

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3 Responses to How To Watch World Cup 2014 Games At Work

  1. Flyvanescence says:

    What about those of us that actualy have to work at work?

    Not all of us sit in front of a computer in an office all day. (Ive used espn radio, although sometimes ill stream replays games after work and try to avoid the scores)

  2. techvet says:

    The ESPN Radio app is consistently failing on my Android 4.4.2 smartphone. My guess is that it stopped working after upgrading from 4.1.2.

  3. Harry Cee says:

    Depending on your line of work, some people may have a few eateries in their area where they can watch the game. I work near Union Station in downtown DC so I have plenty of options to watch.

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