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Ghana vs USA, Starting Lineups and World Cup Open Thread

ghanausa 600x338 Ghana vs USA, Starting Lineups and World Cup Open Thread

For viewers in the United States, here’s where you can watch the game between Ghana and the United States (6pm ET/3pm PT kickoff time).

• English language: ESPN and WatchESPN
• Spanish language: Univision, Univision Deportes Network and Univision online
• Portuguese language: ESPN Deportes

Starting line-ups:

United States: Howard, Bradley, Besler, Beasley, Dempsey (c), Bedoya, Jones, Beckerman, Altidore, Cameron, Johnson.

Ghana: Kwarasey, Gyan, Opare, Atsu, A. Ayew, Muntari, J. Ayew, Rabiu, Mensah, Asamoah, Boye.

Referee: Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)

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Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

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73 Responses to Ghana vs USA, Starting Lineups and World Cup Open Thread

  1. Christopher Harris says:

    I can’t believe that Alexi Lalas asked Landon Donovan how Ghana could beat the United States and what the US weaknesses are. Hats off to Donovan for refusing to answer the question directly.

    • Flyvanescence says:

      Lalas is a toolbag of the highest order. So unprofessional and useless. Not to mention incredibly stupid.

      Makes Martino on NBC sound like Gary Neville.

  2. San Fransiscan says:

    That montage narrated by Kiefer Sutherland saying “We, We, We”.

    They know that he is not American right?

  3. Smokey Bacon says:

    Interesting day at work. Kept telling everybody that if they just watch one World Cup match then this is it. Definitely more interest than four years ago, especially the younger crowd. The older ones are impossible to convert. They would rather watch a re-run of two and a half men than a key game for the USA. It’s almost un-American if you ask me.

    Go USA!

    • San Fransiscan says:

      At least they knew about it, people I spoke to didn’t know that the US are in the World Cup.

      I guess they don’t know what the World Cup is.

    • jtm371 says:

      If your this fired up for a USA match I can not imagine what Smokey’s house is like for a England match. :)Two thumbs up my friend.

      • Smokey Bacon says:

        This is my home. I want the USA to do well. The World Cup is crucial to the growth of the sport in this country and the coverage we get. It’s a no brainer for me.


  4. Americano & Proud says:

    No Boateng or Essien for Ghana? I wonder if they’re hurt or just dropped from the XI.

  5. Smokey Bacon says:

    Hats off to Kia! Terrific ads. I might even be persuaded to buy one if she is the salesperson!

  6. Christopher Harris says:


  7. Christopher Harris says:

    Clint Dempsey. Cold as ice during the singing of the national anthem.

  8. Flyvanescence says:

    Love the passion on here. But ive got a game myself so im gonna have to watch it on delay later so ill have to avoid this thread.


  9. jtm371 says:

    wish we were not in the rocket pop kit. oh well biased to the white kit.

  10. Guy says:

    That cheesy cross your arms intro of the teams drives me nuts. So lame.


  11. R.O says:

    Here we go! X = fingers crossed :-)

  12. jtm371 says:

    OMG! :)

  13. Smokey Bacon says:

    Gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll! What a start!

  14. Guy says:

    Can I get a Duuuuece!?

  15. Guy says:

    Now don’t even think about dusting off the bus!

  16. Borussia DortMan says:


  17. jtm371 says:

    Do not fall back keep the pressure on Ghana looks nervous.

  18. Smokey Bacon says:

    I don’t think the USA know how to sit back and defend a lead for 85 minutes. Better off really going for it. Another goal and Ghana will fold like a deck chair.

  19. goatslookshifty says:

    Those Ghana shirts are hideous!

  20. goatslookshifty says:

    Ian Darke said a few weeks back that commentators was supposed to be neutral when calling games. 20 minutes in and he hasn’t shut up about the US team.

    • Smokey Bacon says:

      You can see why ESPN went with him over Tyler. It’s enthusiasm. Not the gimmicky shouty nonsense that fox thinks viewers want. Darke is just able to convey passion and knowledge in equal measure. He’s a fine commentator.

      • Huw Roma says:

        He isn’t half the commentator Tyler is. I like Darke but Tyler is far more graceful and insightful. He makes observations these guys wouldn’t even think of. Thumb me down but to suggest he’s better than Tyler is ludicrous.

  21. jtm371 says:


  22. R.O says:

    US is giving up too much possession. Beasley is getting beat too much and slipping. Doesn’t look good.

    US isn’t controlling and putting pressure on Ghana in their half.

  23. jtm371 says:

    Bradley is MIA very poor half. Agree with R.O Beasley on the pitch more than on his feet. If Ghana scores it will be thru Beasley.

  24. Smokey Bacon says:

    USA have sat back but it’s not all doom and gloom. Ghana have offered very little and seem. A shadow of the team that made almost made the semis. That said, USA have to get the insurance of a second goal. Ghana have enough quality to poach a goal and tie it up.

  25. Guy says:

    They can shut up about Altidore. Him missing isn’t and won’t be the problem.

  26. Smokey Bacon says:

    I wish I was watching the game at that bar in Hartford, Connecticut!

    The away shirt seems to be a top seller too.

  27. R.O says:

    2nd half US needs possession game, hold the ball longer, make Ghana chase the game and with that ball possession keep Ghana back on their heels.

    As with almost any team (except Italy and Chelsea ) it’s tough to absorb attack after attach even when those attacks aren’t of quality. Eventually, a player and ball could sneak in.

    Add the heat and humidity, I don’t know.

  28. goisles01 says:

    Am I missing something or going up with a header while leading with your feet head high is a bit reckless?

  29. Smokey Bacon says:

    Attack is the best form of defense as far the USA is concerned. Play the game in their half.

  30. Guy says:

    We can NOT let them keep doing this!

  31. Smokey Bacon says:

    Ghana knocking on the door.

  32. Guy says:

    You know we’re in trouble when our best play is a back pass to Howard.

  33. jtm371 says:

    Jones is playing a very good match. Very impressed with his composure.

  34. Smokey Bacon says:

    Jermaine jones has been outstanding. Tremendous work rate outshining Bradley in the middle.

  35. Smokey Bacon says:

    Don’t lose your heads. Keep it 1-1 at least.

  36. jtm371 says:

    Bradley is going to have to answer for his dismal display. Has been awful all night.

  37. Smokey Bacon says:

    Donovan off the bench right now would have been a good move. Experience required.

    Fearing the worst.

  38. Smokey Bacon says:


  39. jtm371 says:


  40. jtm371 says:

    Brooks will be the hero but Johnson hustled to cause the corner.

  41. Guy says:

    3 points is 3 points.

  42. jtm371 says:

    Bradley better pull his head out of his a$$ for the next match. How you don’t take the ball to the corner is beyond me.

    Great team win.

  43. Smokey Bacon says:

    It was not pretty but job done! Mission accomplished for Klinsmann. It’s all cake from here.

    One miracle on ice down, two to go. Well done lads!

    • Jeff says:

      Smokey, you said in an earlier ‘live thread’ for the Germany/Portugal game that the US had an opportunity after the result of that game. They made everyone ride a crazy roller coaster ride but they took full advantage of the opening

      • Smokey Bacon says:

        The roller coaster of emotions is why the World Cup is the pinnacle of the sport. This game had everything the sport has to offer. Maybe a big breakthrough for the sport in this country.

  44. R.O says:

    Wow, what a day. whew.

  45. Guy says:

    I am freakin’ exhausted. Think I hear Kilchoman calling.

  46. Smokey Bacon says:

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade but I just cannot see them keeping out a motivated Ronaldo. And forget Germany, they are too good. Somehow they need to get a point off Portugal. They will not do it sitting back and giving the ball away.

    • R.O says:

      Here’s what I felt would have (have to happen). USA win vs Ghana, tie Portugal. If Germany win both their games, that’s 6 pts they only need 1 point to advance and win group.

      USA will only need 1 point to advance. Germany and USA will play for the draw.

      That’s my feeling. We’ll see.

      • Smokey Bacon says:

        I like your thinking. Germany are no strangers to manufacturing a result – see Austria in 1982. Low and Klinsmann are mates. Could happen I suppose.

  47. Huw Roma says:

    I’m waiting for the day I hear a British commentator say ‘they’ve worked their asses off tonight.’

  48. Guy says:

    Soccer haters can bite me. No other sport can give you what we just watched on a world stage.

  49. R.O says:

    What a day and tomorrow it’s Brazil-Mexico. Mexico have a good track record vs Brazil

    Also see what Belgium is like and Russia and So. Korea.

  50. Flyvanescence says:

    Wow what a game and we need Besler back something fierce.

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