WATCH Italy 2-1 England Match Highlights [VIDEO]

It was a case of the “same old England” on Saturday as England simply wasn’t good enough against a stronger Italian side.

Having said that, England had plenty of chances but were poor in the final third of the pitch, whether it was wayward shots from Wayne Rooney or poor crosses from Raheem Sterling.

Meanwhile, once Italy grabbed the 2-1 lead after poor defending by England, the Italian teams put 10 players behind the ball and prevented England from breaking through.

Here are the highlights from the Italy-England match:

One thought on “WATCH Italy 2-1 England Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. I thought they played well.

    Tactically I don’t understand why they conceded so much possession? Particularly with Buffon out?

    Did Gerrard play today?

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