Spain vs Netherlands, World Cup Group Stage: Open Thread

Spain kicks off its match with Netherlands at 3pm ET today in a rematch of the 2010 World Cup Final. Can Spain, the current champions, begin the tournament with three points or will the Oranje surprise the Spaniards?

Where to watch the Spain vs Netherlands game on US television. Kick-off time is 3pm ET/Noon PT:

• English language: ESPN and WatchESPN
• Spanish language: Univision, Univision Deportes Network and Univision online
• Portuguese language: ESPN Deportes

ESPN commentators: Jon Champion and Stewart Robson

Spain starting XI: Casillas; Azpilicueta, Ramos, Pique, Alba; Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Busquets; Silva, Iniesta, Diego Costa

Netherlands starting XI: Cillessen; Janmaat, Vlaar, de Vrij, Martins, Blind; De Jong, de Guzmán, Sneijder; Robben, Van Persie

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Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

38 thoughts on “Spain vs Netherlands, World Cup Group Stage: Open Thread”

    1. Agree 1,000%.
      I was thrilled when I read ESPN grabbed Champion.
      And Daniel Mann, as well.

      I can only pray FOX executives are taking copious notes.

  1. So, FIFA instructed Spain last week to introduce a White 3rd kit because both their home and away kits were too similar to the Orange of the Netherlands, and then the Netherlands don’t even wear Orange anyway.

  2. Suggestion for the future open threads during the WC, please also include the Ref Team (names and country of origin).

    The line-ups are posted and the commentary team too, so why not include the who the ref team is.


  3. Do you think Gus is even watching these games? I bet he is consumed with the Heat- Spurs series…..he could learn so much listening to Champion…what an analyst.

    1. I’ve tried listening to ESPN radio’s commentary a few times and have a very hard time following what is going on. During the Mexico v Cameroon match there was a Cameroon shot that was saved, but I had no idea until almost a minute later.

  4. First match I’ve bothered to watch. Interesting on BBC, you can listen to the TV commentary or switch to the 5live radio feed. You don’t get Gus though.

    1. Unfortunately that’s not an option here. Though, Jon Champion and Steward Robson are doing a good job on ESPN. The only problem is if you have to listen to the ESPN radio feed. They are abysmal.

      1. I’ve never seen it before. Itv will just offer up Andy bloody Townsend with his platitudes and catchphrases.

  5. Lol that’s what they deserve. How does Casillass start ovver De Gea???
    David’s been that best Spanish GO since last season. Casillass has been poor and has been picked on reputation not form.

    1. So true. He’s playing on historical precedence rather than true talent. If De Gea is starting, I don’t think this match is the same. Casillas is already a weak link in what is already a rather shaky defense.

  6. Have to say this is incredibly amusing. I suppose La Liga having had 2 teams till this year doesn’t help. Too much football with their Champions League runs.

  7. WOW. Chile could benefit from this. They beat Australia and who knows Goal Diff could come into play at end of group play.

  8. I’m just going to come right out and say that I’m absolutely over the moon with this match!
    While I thought the Netherlands could win this match, I never would have predicted such a massive blowout! Just an utter demolition! And some of the classiest goals you will see.
    Hup Hup Oranje! Hup Holland Hup!

  9. Xavi and Casillas should be dropped permanently. Xavi way too predictable, Casillas 3 howlers today.

    Spain have the players to play up-tempo and attacking. Silva and Iniesta are incredible playmakers. WAY too Barcelona-like today.

    1. When I made my post I forgot about Lopez. If he started over De gea I’d have had no qualms. It’s really a flip of the coin between them to be honest unless you go with Lopez’s experience. He doesn’t have enough of a reputation or flair and panache to start for Spain.
      If I seem to recall didn’t they kind of put Silva on the backburner and he said something about him not playing for Barca or Real played a part in him not starting?

  10. Just what the doctor ordered. Spain are no longer invincible. They can still get into the next round but the manner of their defeat means an unsettled squad which could benefit their opposition. Long way to go but already the main talking point of the tournament.

    The Dutch have arrived. They are going to be in the mix to lift the trophy. This win will do them a world of good with their confidence and belief that they can beat anyone.

  11. Fantastic game. Great to see the Dutch win like that and I surely hope that’s the end of Spain’s reign and their snoozefest football.

    Capped off by the terrific commentary of Jon Champion and Stewart Robson. Can’t think of a better pair for such a historic match.

    1. Enjoy it because in 4 years we’ll have Gus Johnson and Eric Wynalda calling the world cup. Talksport here WE come.

  12. It’s amazing how a manager who understands tactics can come with a game plan to beat the world champions. David Moyes should be taking notes.

  13. I thought Spain might be over the hill but that was as complete a demolition as you will see.

    United look like they’ve got a good one in Van Gaal. His tactics were spot on. The opening goal by VanPersie might well be the goal if the tournament. Perfect header.

    Great commentary by Jon Champion too.

    I’ve got some Dutch friends coming over for the England game. They are going to be unbearable!

  14. Yu guys in “us” were the winners jon champion was commentating such respected & well known guy. Here we use the world feed and it was dave woods who called it the match. It was historic match that would live the memory for decades to come.

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