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ESPN’s World Cup Opening Game Scores 55% Increase In Viewers Compared to 2010

espn logo ESPNs World Cup Opening Game Scores 55% Increase In Viewers Compared to 2010

ESPN’s telecast of the opening match of the 2014 World Cup between Brazil and Croatia netted a 2.8 rating and 4.4 million viewers. The number of viewers was 55% higher than the opening match of the 2010 World Cup between South Africa and Mexico, but 14% lower than Univision‘s numbers for the same Brazil-Croatia opener.

The match also placed as the fourth-highest in ESPN history for a Group Stage match, trailing only three United States matches.

The top-10 metered markets for the telecast were:

• Washington, DC (5.1),
• Boston (5.0),
• Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (4.7),
• Los Angeles (4.6),
• New York (4.5),
• San Francisco (4.3),
• Hartford-New Haven (4.3),
• Providence (3.9),
• Austin (3.9) and
• Orlando (3.8)

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5 Responses to ESPN’s World Cup Opening Game Scores 55% Increase In Viewers Compared to 2010

  1. Grayson says:

    wow, those are some pretty hipster markets in the US. I’ve never seen a soccer match broken down within top 10 markets in the country, so I guess it’s a little shocking to me that Providence, New Haven/Hartford, and Austin are among the top 10. Where’s Chicago, Houston, Dallas? We’ve got a long way to go in the USA.

    I’m from Texas, and the fact that our 4th largest city is on this list, but none from our 3 largest, it’s kinda sad.

    • R.O says:

      I’m surprised that Seattle, Portland and Chicago didn’t make the top 10.

      Especially Seattle and Portland.

      What about Kansas City and Atlanta?

      Dallas and Houston, aren’t those more American Football type towns? San Antonio is in the grips of NBA finals fever.

    • Americano & Proud says:

      My guess is that the Univision viewership cuts into the Texas markets and Chicago numbers.

      • eplnfl says:

        Chicago numbers are effected by several factors:

        Spanish language broadcasts take in a audience, many people are watching from pubs or restaurants, or online.

        For instance my viewing yesterday was at pub at lunch or online.

  2. Alex Gago says:

    I was in South Florida on Thursday and Friday. I decide to stop by and visit a few of the soccer pubs here.

    To learn more about the rabid soccer culture here in South Florida.

    To my surprise the bars were empty. So evidence of soccer crazy fans here.

    My hunch is that South Florida soccer fans like to stay home and watch the action from their Lazy Boy sofa.

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