Arsene Wenger Will Regret Letting Cesc Fabregas Go To Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas & Joe Cole

Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy, Ashley Cole, William Gallas, Samir Nasri, Kolo Toure, Robin Van Persie, Bacary Sagna and now Cesc Fabregas.

All these men have something in common other than being former Arsenal players. Arsene Wenger has let all of them go to clubs that were direct threats to the Gunners in the English Premier League via the transfer or free market. Fabregas is the latest as he’s joined Chelsea.

Some may wonder why I included Fabregas with the footballers mentioned above since he’s been at Barcelona for the last three seasons. It’s because Arsenal put in his transfer deal that if the Catalonia-based club wanted to move for the 27-year-old, the Gunners had first refusal. Meaning they would be the first club allowed to negotiate a transfer fee with the club and a contract with the player before any other team could be contacted. When it was first reported that the 2010 World Cup winner would leave the Blaugrana, it was said that he only wanted to play in England. Arsenal have bigger needs elsewhere but being able to replace Mikel Arteta with a world-class player who also has history with the club would’ve been a huge gain. Instead, Gunners fans around the world are left to question why Wenger would let one of his former pupils go to a rival team.

The Blues reportedly signed the two-time European Champion for a fee in the region of £26-30 million. When the North London club moved the 2007-08 PFA Young Player of the Year to his boyhood club, the transfer fee was £35million with an additional £5 million if incentives were reached. Looking back, Arsenal could have asked for more. Fabregas only wanted to go to Barcelona. The club of his youth had been very interested in him, so the Gunners could have requested more and likely still had the same result. A similar situation happened with Tottenham Hotspur negotiating with Real Madrid over Gareth Bale’s transfer fee a few seasons back. Wenger unfortunately did the same thing a year later as he let Van Persie go to Manchester United for only £22.5million, with £1.5million in incentives if United won a Premier League or Champions League title within the next four years, after the Netherlands international won the Premier League Golden Boot and single-handily guaranteed Arsenal Champions League football for the next campaign. Manchester United won the league title the next season and Van Persie won the golden boot again.

It’s confusing how Fabregas’ value has dropped even though he’s improved as a player and improved in his versatility on the pitch. Some may counter that with Mesut Ozil on the team that Arsenal did not need another playmaker but the two-time La Liga champion can play in a deeper role, either on the wing or as a false nine as he’s displayed for Spain to outstanding results. Fabregas was scapegoated for much of Barcelona’s failure in the past season but he played well by tying for second in the league in assists while scoring 13 goals in all competitions.

The Gunners ended their nine-year trophy drought by coming back and defeating Hull City 3-2 in extra time to win the FA Cup. The club led the league this past season for 128 days, the longest out of any team, but injuries deterred the push for a league title. Fabregas would’ve added depth, which they desperately need, and displayed that Arsenal are serious on building from the success of the previous year. Instead they’ve remained stagnant as other Premier League teams acquire big talent. Liverpool acquired forward Rickie Lambert and Chelsea have reportedly signed forward Diego Costa as well who will add valuable pieces to their teams. Bacary Sagna seems to be on his way to Manchester City after he couldn’t agree to a new contract with the 13-time league winners.

While Arsenal may have finally won a trophy, Wenger is still up to his same ways in the transfer market. The 64-year-old recently signed a new three-year deal to remain the gaffer but’s he’s already off to a bad start in his new contract by letting Fabregas go to Chelsea.

18 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Will Regret Letting Cesc Fabregas Go To Chelsea”

  1. Arsenal’s shopping list is pretty simple: Striker, DM, fullback, pace on the wings. Arsenal are in no position to make emotional moves just to block Chelsea from signing a former Gunner. Chelsea are going to sign quality no matter what. So if Arsenal were going to spend a quarter of their transfer budget on a player they don’t need just so Chelsea are forced to go elsewhere to sign a brilliant player I would call that bad business.

  2. Sorry Dan, with a headline like that, I’d need to know exactly what coaching qualificaions and experience of running a world class football club you have if you don’t expect to be totally ridiculed.
    So go on, tell us why you knwo more than Arsene Wenger. Nonsense articles like this just make me want to blacklist a website which makes such childishly naive assertions. Get a job for which you’re actually qualified……i.e. not this one

    1. I disagree.
      This site is full of opinion pieces. While I don’t agree with this one, Its stupid to ask for somebody’s coaching credentials in the comments section.

      1. He might have seen open heart surgery on the TV. Do you suppose he’d try and tell a surgeon how to do the operation he had to haveit done. It’s a stupid headline to claim that you know better than one of the top managers in the world……and a bit dumb trying to defend it.

        1. Everyone should be entitled to an opinion, except you. Based on the credentials you have displayed, your the dumb one for ridiculing an interesting article with weak, unjustified comments.

    1. Yes to this…there are a lot of things that could be in play here (Cesc being unhappy with his role, Barca being unhappy with his contribution, Cesc motivated by money, Barca having an eye on a bigger prize) but Arsenal’s lack of interest isn’t a story.

      I think this one is very simple. If Mesut Ozil isn’t purchased last summer, then Arsenal is in on Cesc. I can’t imagine Arsenal would have bought Ozil had they ended up buying Suarez (or Higuain for that matter). Summer business is just underway so time will tell where the Gunners are but assuming a striker is purchases then you can ask yourself: is Arsenal better off with Cesc + Suarez or Ozil + Summer 2014 striker signing? Ozil is brilliant people. Lets not forget that. Additionally Cazorla is capable of being the creative player on the field in Ozil’s absence

  3. Arsenal aren’t in the position to spend 30m on players they have some sort of emotional link to. They’ve got, at the very least, 3 positions that they need to fill with world class players. Center mid isn’t one of them.

    1. What about if either Ramsey or Ozil gets injured? Depth in squad is one of the vital aspects that has led to Arsenal just capitulating after having led the league for few times in previous seasons. I would have thought Wenger has learned his lesson by now but I can’t expect anything from someone who said 4th place is a trophy for him. That’s why Arsenal is a long way off winning the league. Wenger does not see squad depth as a problem for him when clearly it has been his side’s downfall.

      1. I consider Oxlade Chamberlin a decent backup for Ramsey, and Cazorla a backup for Ozil.

        Sorry I just cant wrap my mind around spending that kind of money on a player just because you’re worried about injuries to Ramsey or Ozil….Youre essentially saying Cesc would be on the bench with a fully fit side.

        1. No, that’s now what I am saying. I am saying Fagregas would be a very useful and winning addition to Arsenal. I am not a coach so I can’t do any setup. I as a fan, have seen the side just go to flames with injuries to starting players and back up players cannot come in and make a difference because of lack of quality. Fabregas would have been a great great addition no matter what you say. By the way, you talk about spending money, 42 million for Ozil who didn’t perform at all in his first year, but Cesc is proven material. And Arsenal need to spend if they are to win the league or the Champions league.

          Squad depth is a major issue whether you recognize that or not and there is a big difference between decent and world-class.

  4. If Fabregas was that good at present then why would Barcelona let him leave? He hasn’t been the same player since he left Arsenal. Wenger is familiar with Fabregas’s ability and maybe recognized that he wouldn’t be worth spending 26-28 million for him.

  5. I heard that his wage demands were astronomical sensibly pricing Arsenal and Man Utd out. Chelsea were going to outbid anyone in order to weaken their opponents and strengthen themselves. Arsenal did not “let this happen”.

    More surprising is Barca’s willingness to sell to a direct CL rival.

  6. I hope this so-called report was composed in the cloud since it appears to consist entirely of recycled hot air

  7. Of course if we are talking about regret it won’t be Wenger who’s going to regret this decision. It’ll the fans who will regret this. Winger, Kronke, and rest of Arsenal board are sitting pretty.

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