View a Gallery of Soccer Balls Used by FIFA Since the First World Cup in 1930

Below is a gallery of every soccer ball used in the World Cup since its founding in 1930. Beginning with leather balls throughout the ’30’s then transitioning to balls with seams in 1938 and eventually landing on the iconic black and white balls in 1970. Each is different, representing the time and culture when the Cup was being held and gaining more personality the longer the Cup has gone on.

1930 World Cup – Tiento
1930 World Cup – T Model
1934 World Cup – Federale 102
1938 World Cup – Allen
1950 World Cup – Super Duplo T
1954 World Cup – Swiss World Champion
1958 World Cup – Top Star
1962 World Cup – MR Crack Final
1962 World Cup – MR Crack
1966 World Cup – Challenge 4-star
1970 World Cup – Telstar
1974 World Cup – Telstar Durlast
1974 World Cup – Apollo Durlast
1974 World Cup – Chile Durlast
1978 World Cup – Tango Durlast
1982 World Cup – Tango Espana
1986 World Cup – Azteca Mexico
1990 World Cup – Etrusco Unico
1994 World Cup – Questra
1998 World Cup – EQT Tricolore
1999 Woman World Cup – EQT ICON Women
2002 World Cup – Fevernova
2003 Woman World Cup – Fevernova Women
2006 World Cup – Teamgeist Final
2006 World Cup – Teamgeist
2007 Woman World Cup – Teamgeist Women
2010 World Cup – Jo’bulani
2010 World Cup – Jabulani
2011 Woman World Cup – Speedcell
2014 World Cup – Brazuca

3 thoughts on “View a Gallery of Soccer Balls Used by FIFA Since the First World Cup in 1930”

  1. From my understanding, the 1962 ball pictured above with the caption “MR CRACK” suggests that the ball is named “Mr. Crack” which is false. The the 1962 Chilean ball’s name is actually just “Crack.”

    The “MR” is equivalent to a trademark ™ or registered trademark ®. The Spanish “MR” is the symbol for “marca registrada” (trademark in English).

    Not that it really matters considering this was most likely the worst World Cup ball to correspond with the event. The ball absorbed moisture and peeled easily. So bad that the ball wasn’t really used. Multiple kinds of balls were used throughout the tournament.

    1. Cool info on the 1962 ball.
      Just when you think that the Jabulani abomination was the worst football in the history of mankind: the ball that destroyed a World Cup…

      Brazuca seems to be a decent ball to play with, not counting the strange color scheme…

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