FOX Sports 1 Announces World Cup Coverage Plans

Even though FOX Sports does not have the rights to show World Cup matches this summer, the sports network will still be down in Brazil providing analysis and commentary during the tournament.

Last week, the channel detailed how FOX Sports 1 will be involved in coverage of the world’s biggest tournament. FOX Sports reporter Grant Wahl will be providing live reports from the US camp, while Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves (freelancing for FOX Sports) will be providing reports from the England camp.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, U.S. Soccer Hall of Famers Eric Wynalda and Cobi Jones along with former England international Warren Barton and former Netherlands international Mario Melchiot will provide daily studio analysis on the matches and hot topics around the beautiful game.

World Cup analysis will be featured on FOX Sports 1 shows America’s Pregame (daily at 6pm ET), and later on Fox Sports Live (nightly, 11 pm ET). Beginning with the opening match on June 12, the shows will include highlights and analysis on the matches of each day as well as what we can look forward the next day until the World Cup ends in mid-July.

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14 thoughts on “FOX Sports 1 Announces World Cup Coverage Plans”

  1. Geoff Shreeves will be tasked with reminding all the players how many cards they’ve accumulated during post match interviews.

  2. So sick of anything Fox connected to football..

    Their brand is so tarnished right now with football fans, I think it’s at the point of no return for Fox.

    Nothing short of firing their joke of know nothing presenters and their idiots they call a commentary team will ever get me back watching Fox.

  3. They did the same for the 2010 WC, a studio show before and after World Cup games.

    Only then it was Fox Soccer. They had Andy Gray, Warren Barton, Chris Sullivan and sometimes Bobby McMahon. (I miss McMahon!)

  4. Grant Wahl is the one way they could have made this worse than I thought it would be. They succeeded.

      1. It’s fun how you got 4 thumbs up and I got none LOL.

        He lost all credibility with me when he proclaimed the 2009 Federations Cup as the 3rd biggest tournament in the world and the US as a top 4 team for doing well. The problem I really had is that, for many people, he was the sole path to soccer news so they believed him.

        1. He lost me with his constant nitpicking of little issues in international football, while he covers MLS and US soccer all the time and never calls them out on any of their bs.

  5. Are they going to stand on their miniature pitch and rib each other in their Jos A. Banks three piece suits?

  6. I say the more coverage the better. Then again all the soccer snobs on this site are still butthurt as usual with their miserable comments.

    1. If they really want to make an impact, do some coverage pre-tournament. Maybe a team by team analysis series before it starts. Don’t flood us with sub-par coverage during the tournament when another outlet has a lock on premium coverage of every match.

      Last night for example, 3 days before the WC starts….there were 5 different baseball games on & no world cup pre-tournament coverage. I believe one of the Fox stations showed Poker during primetime.

      Step it up & maybe the “miserable comments” will go away.

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