Uruguay Want to Use Brazil 2014 to Make a Statement of Intent to Host FIFA World Cup 2030

FROM BUENOS AIRES – Uruguay is looking forward to seeing how its squad will fare in the upcoming World Cup. There is a great deal of expectation on the shoulders of the men led by Oscar Washington Tabárez despite their squad being in one of, if not the most, complicated group in the tournament.

In the coming months, Uruguay will also have their focus shifted towards the future. The nation will look to the future by embracing the past as they begin making a case to win the bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

A World Cup hosted in Uruguay in 2030 would be an ideal way to mark the 100th anniversary of the very first World Cup that was hosted in Uruguay in 1930, and where the final was played in Montevideo’s legendary Estadio Centenario.

There will be a great deal of sentiment that will be brought into this bid as Uruguay would be the ideal candidate to host this tournament exactly when FIFA would be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the world greatest sporting event.

This would ramp up the bid effort in Uruguay after it began in earnest back in 2011 when Uruguay Natural, the brand name of that country’s department of tourism, started to take the first steps in this campaign.

Here’s a video of the initial 2011 bid:

Banco República became the first privately owned corporation to launch this movement. Their first step was a very ambitious one bringing in Uruguayan international Diego Forlán as well as actress Natalia Oreiro together as two “secret agents” that are on a mission to cover the Obdulio Varela’s medal that was stolen. Because of this, several moments in Uruguayan football history changed.

The short film shows Sebastían Abreu looking to chip the final penalty kick against Ghana and hitting it over the crossbar.

To get a better idea of what the promotion itself talks about, it basically is a mix of James Bond, Bruce Lee in Game of Death and Spy Kids with a special appearance by a Dr. Doom doppelganger.

Director Martín Sastre brought Oreiro and Diego Forlán together for this feature that will be released in the coming days in the South American nation as part of the Banco República’s “Protocolo Celeste” campaign where this entity looks to bring some corporate muscle to the Uruguayan World Cup bid.

According to Sastre, Forlán was a fine actor in this project and fully understood the role he had to play and took very well to the direction that he was given.

In the short film, Forlán would have to take part in some action sequences as he was involved in some “combat scenes” with some villains that he had to fight in order to get back Odbulio Varela’s medal.

Watch the trailer for the short film:


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