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Germany to Beat Argentina on Penalties and Win World Cup

germany team 600x351 Germany to Beat Argentina on Penalties and Win World Cup

Germany is going to be this year’s World Cup winner according to data collated and analysed by Ladbrokes.

The data has been transformed into a tool which allows users to pit any two teams that have qualified for this year’s World Cup against each other to compare results in all previous meetings and even predict the score when the teams face each other this year.

Using this data, Ladbrokes has predicted how each game will play out throughout the whole tournament, with Germany set to emerge victorious after a 1-1 draw with Argentina ends in penalties in the final.

Factors used in determining the winners are; games played in the World Cup, previous results in the tournament and head to head record amongst many other factors.

Third place in the World Cup goes to hosts Brazil after beating Spain 1-0 in the 3rd/4th place play-off game.

The data also predicts that, contrary to popular opinion, England will make it out of the group stages and will make it to the Quarter Finals only to then be defeated by Spain on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

The game also features live odds for the tournament and unsurprisingly England doesn’t feature in the top 5 that includes Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain and Belgium.

Visit the following website to view the tool online.

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One Response to Germany to Beat Argentina on Penalties and Win World Cup

  1. Jake says:

    I’d be very surprised if Germany only managed to score one against Argentina.
    The Argentine GK is a liability and doesn’t even start for his club Monaco.
    Demichelis hasn’t been as bad as everyone’s made him out to be this season but when he’s your 2nd best Center half then you have a problem.
    Garay and Zabaleta will have to do the work of 4 men (5If you want to include the uninspiring GK)
    Rumor has it that Willy Caballero wasn’t selected because he doesn’t get along with Messi. Maybe it’s BS but I find it strange that Argentina left behind their best Goal Kepper and bring along the goalkeepers that they have. 2/3 of three don’t even start for their clubs and the starting Goalkeeper doesn’t even start for his club.

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