USMNT’s Michael Bradley Stars in ESPN’s Latest ‘Inside SportsCenter’ [VIDEO]

ESPN is preparing for the 2014 World Cup by releasing broadcast schedules, pre-match coverage and allowing a child to accompany the U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder, Michael Bradley, around ESPN during a regular day in the offices.

The 30-second video featuring the tradition of soccer players walking out to the pitch hand in hand with a child, ESPN shows Michael Bradley making photocopies, checking his mail and using the restroom while his young companion holds his coffee.

SportsCenter host Bram Weinsten explains ESPN’s decision to, “Do something special for the kids.” The video titled “Kids” is part of the ‘Inside SportsCenter’ video series featuring different sports stars and mascots around the ESPN campus doing regular and everyday tasks.

The USMNT will play their final game of the Send-Off Series this Saturday June 7th in Jacksonville, Florida against Nigeria before traveling to Brazil where they will play Ghana on June 16th at 7pm UTC.

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