Samsung’s Football-Cam Captures The Purest Football Dreams

With the tournament in Brazil only days away, Samsung, in an attempt to explain the importance of the beautiful game (which us fans know all too well), has created a heartwarming video of how a child views the world when in the presence of one of his very best friends; their football.

‘I See Your Dreams’ is short and effortlessly poignant, with a child’s innocence epitomised by his interaction with the ball. In what is a powerfully unifying statement, children from all over the world are filmed interacting with their ball, and every one exudes that same excitement, joy and innocence when leaving reality, and playing their favourite game.

Belted out by the South African based “Drakensburg Boys Choir”, a multi-racial group of children, Samsung’s very own song ‘I See Your Dreams’ encapsulates the feeling of freedom, happiness and unity.

For me, its the little details make this short rather special. Watching an exhausted boy sleep, only for his loyal dog to roll the ball away to play; the look of abject horror at breaking a neighbour’s window; the joy at chasing the ball down a hill; and especially that little Ronaldo-esque pose struck by a rather eager chap in his garden as his mate watches on.

It is a sweet little glimpse back into the mind all us football fans once had, before the pressures of the world naturally kept our beloved footballs sat on the shelf. Get innocent this summer, enjoy the summer festivities, and grab your ball and give it a boot!

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