German Star Marco Reus Injured in Armenia Friendly

German midfielder Marco Reus suffered an injury in the friendly today against Armenia. Germany won the match 6-1 but the 25 year-old midfielder was in tears as he left the field late in the first half.

According to the DFB, Reus suffered a partial tear of the anterior ligament above the left angle. The full DFB statement read:

 “We have no good news. We got the diagnosis of Marco Reus injury. The German international tore part of his Syndesmoseband(between the calfband and the shinbone) above the left ankle. We’ll share follow up decisions separately.”
Video of the incident is below:

4 thoughts on “German Star Marco Reus Injured in Armenia Friendly”

  1. Terrible news. One of my favorite players. Just purchased his German Team Jersey.

    So many players getting hurt! I feel that too many games are players during the season with cups, CL, EL, etc. No matter how in shape a player is, human body and only take so much.

    I’ve also seen some nasty uncalled for tackling in some the friendlies being played. No need for that either.

    1. Personally, I think something needs to be done about these friendlies before the World Cup. They’re too much of a risk for teams. For example, I’m concerned that England will pick up another injury or two against Honduras. The Central American team plays with a very physical style that England will not appreciate, particularly in a friendly.

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