Liverpool Agree £10million Deal With Bayer Leverkusen For Midfielder Emre Can


Liverpool have agreed a deal in principle with Bayer Leverkusen to sign highly-rated midfielder Emre Can.

Emre Can began his youth career at Eintracht Frankfurt before joining Bayern Munich where he stayed with the top German job for four years. He later transferred to Bayer Leverkusen, where he has been since 2013. He helped Leverkusen finish fourth in the Bundesliga.

Can won the UEFA Champions League with Bayern Munich in the 2012-13 season, and has been capped at the u-15 through u-21 levels with Germany.

Because of his Turkish ancestry, Emre Can could play for Turkey or Germany at the senior international level, but has his heart set on Germany where he was born and has grown up since 1994.

Twenty-year old Emre Can has a £10million release clause in his contract, and Liverpool have now met that figure. A deal will be finalized once documentation has been finished.

4 thoughts on “Liverpool Agree £10million Deal With Bayer Leverkusen For Midfielder Emre Can”

  1. If he ends up being the player which he will be he’s going back to Bayern. It’ll be like Fabregas and Arsenal all over again.
    This a really astute signing though. This is a guy who was called the Jewel of the Bayern Academy.

  2. He isn’t the polished product and Bayern let him leave because Pep Guardiola didn’t think he would make the squad. Had huge potential and was one of the standout performers for the German under-21 side. Did OK at Leverkusen and showed spurts of what he can do. Has been likened to Ballack and if he can be half as good as Ballack then Liverpool would be happy. At only 20 he has time to learn to play within Liverpool’s system and Rodgers likes versatile players and Can (pronounced Chan)can play in multiple positions, midfield as well as defense.

    This signing is a lot like Luis Alberto who unfortunately didn’t do as well as expected. Liverpool will hope that Can will be a better signing.

  3. Liverpool like to pass the ball around and Can is not very good at that. He is a strong player with some decent skills but will need a lot of work to make it in the EPL. This signing is a gamble.

    1. We like to maintain possession and passing the ball can be a part of that, but not always. Our strength in the second half of last season was on the counter-attack and I’m thinking that Rodgers is looking more at building a versatile and adaptable squad than one devoted to a single style. Can, apart from being one of Bayern Munich’s best academy prospects, happens to be one of the most versatile youngsters around, slotting just as easily from CM to DM to LB without much appreciable drop in quality. That’s pretty rare. He’s also relentless going both directions, offensively and defensively, and THAT tends to be what Rodgers values above all other things.

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