Who Will Win the World Cup In Brazil?

Every four years, the soccer powers and underdogs around the world converge to battle it out to determine who the best soccer nation in the world is. Mix together pride, patriotism, hope, passion and excitement, and you have billions of sports fans from around the planet cheering on their country, in the hopes of winning the World Cup.

In sport, anything can happen. Of course, there are favorites and world-class superstars, but it comes down to a combination of skill, luck, determination and the ability to hit the best form at just the right time. The winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup will have to navigate through seven matches to be crowned champions. One loss and it could be over depending on the stage of the tournament.

So, who will win the World Cup? Instead of focusing on all of the expert opinions from journalists, pundits or computer simulations, it’s time to ask YOU, the fans, who YOU think will win.

Tell us in the comments section below who you think will win the tournament, and give us your reason why.

42 thoughts on “Who Will Win the World Cup In Brazil?”

  1. I think it w’ll close call to select one of this three teams who is going to win it 1.brazil. 2.germany 3.argentina. But some thing tell’s me this had to be germany’s year after so many near misses in the last decade whether it was european championship or world cup. The football they played in south africa was sensational.

  2. Spain. Dont write them off.

    Id love to see argentina but i cant see it happening. Just too dependent on Messi and Aguero, both of whom are off form.

  3. It’s a difficult question, but my opinion is the final 4 teams will be:


    I think the final will be Brazil-Argentina.

    Of course the USA could sneak into the final (just kidding – relax folks ).

    South American Teams will want to go all out to dominate the final 8 teams left and shut out the European Teams. And unlike South Africa, the South American Teams are stronger and have a higher potential to do that. So many unknowns though including player fitness and injury, weather conditions, travel, etc.

    I do believe though that Brazil and Argentina will go all out and give max effort to get to the finals.

  4. For me the final it’s brazil vs germany repeat of 2002 final in yokohama . For spain the odds are against them after poor confederations cup final and their tiki taka football were buried. Can’t see them even reaching the final

    1. If the group stage placement and 2nd round winners play out as could be, Brazil would face Germany in the Semi’s. They wouldn’t face each other in the final.

    1. If Brazil and Germany win their groups, they can’t face each in the final. It would only be in the Semi final.

  5. As much as I’d love to see the Three Lions to go all the way and lift the Cup, I can’t see that happening, at least not this time around. Germany v Argentina will be the 3rd place match with Germany barely edging due to Messi and Aguero’s suboptimal form. Brazil v Spain will be the Final. Brazil will win it, but as not emphatically as they did in the Conf. Cup!

  6. 1. Brazil
    2. Belgium
    3. Germany
    4. England

    Belgium is the dark horse, but it’s hard to go against the home advantage (and less travel). England will be punching above the belt to scrap through to the semis.

  7. BELGIUM all the way :

    Bosnia will get to the knockout round. Underrated side Begovic could be est Keeper in Brazil.

    1. Brazil- Only has good defenders from midfield up they are horrible, except for Neymar, but he isnt enough to win a world cup.

      Spain- All players on the decline.

      Italy- Worst off than Spain

      Germany- Their coach eats his buggers. He dosent know if to play a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2…Confused bugger eater. They will not win the world cup.

      Uruguay is your world cup winner- Great forwards, Midfield that plays like guard dogs, on top of ya. The team runs like heck. and all attackers teeth marks will be left on Lugano’s elbows. Pretty good bench, although that could be their downfall.

    1. yup, nobody cares… that’s why what you call soccer is ONLY the most popular sport in the world. While American football is only popular in the US (that’s why it’s called American football) the rest of the world doesn’t care :-)

  8. Germany will win it, i was a young boy of 12 years old in 1990 when i watched the WorldCup final between Germany and Argentina, since then i have been a fan of the Mannschaft – Deutschland, well oiled machine Germany, precision, pace and power.

  9. Germany or Sin will win the world cup.. the reason behind Spain is full of stars player and german team with new + experience talent.. so both have 50-50 chances

  10. it Germany……………………………………they will take it away from Americanssssssssssss

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