England vs Ecuador, World Cup Warmup Match: Open Thread

England plays Ecuador in a friendly at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium today, in a vital warm-up match for The Three Lions. Wayne Rooney starts, while Luke Shaw and James Milner will play as full backs.

World Soccer Talk are at the stadium and will be bringing you a match report and analysis later, as well as this open thread.

Here is today’s TV/Internet schedule for matches being shown in the US (including commentators):

Ecuador vs England, 3pm, beIN SPORTS and DishWorld

Starting line-ups:

England: Ben Foster, Luke Shaw, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, James Milner, Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere, Frank Lampard, Ross Barkley, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rickie Lambert

Subs: Forster, Henderson, Sterling, Welbeck, Lallana, Flanagan, Stones

Ecuador: Banguera, Guagua, Erazo, Paredes, Noboa, Montero, Ayovi, Caicedo, Valencia E, Valencia A, Gruezo

Subs: Ibarra, Mendez, Rojas, Bone, Castillo, Arroyo, Ayovi, Bagui, Saritama, Martinez, Achilier, Domiguez

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

29 thoughts on “England vs Ecuador, World Cup Warmup Match: Open Thread”

  1. Question…is the England game being played at 3pmEST just so they can watch it in primtime over in England?

    Nobody is at the game.

  2. I think it’s a mistake for Hodgson to use this match as an experiment instead of using it to get his starting 11 tighter

  3. not on our t.v. except in Spanish. But Xfinity have unlocked Bein on the app so we can watch it live on the tablet.

  4. I completely respect Roy Hodgsons squad selection until you see Jack Wilsher. Too light weight, no presence, spends more time on the floor and lets face it, he does look like he should be Lord of the Rings…

  5. That American ref was an embarrassment. Sending off Sterling for being hit. He just was wanted his 15 minutes of fame by sending of an English player.

    1. Really??

      Read the rules of the game, then watch the foul again. Had Valencia been on his right leg, clean break.

      Red all day long for both players.

      1. Read the rules and watch the replay. Not only did Sterling touch the ball the maximum it should have been is a yellow card.

        What kind of idiot sends off players in friendly matches. He made it look like that Americans know nothing about soccer. When Valenica did a red card action he saw it as his opportunity to put his name in lights.

        1. Toby, you can’t be serious. 15 minutes of fame…really? Thanks for the laughs. Players get sent off all the time in friendlies. I thought the call being a red was the correct one.

    1. What game were you watching? England played their reserve team against Ecuador’s strongest team and completely dominated the game and Ecuador were extremely lucky scoring two goals out of nothing. England should have won the game by two of three goals. The only big negative was Lampard who people seemed to think is as good as Gerrard and adapt to being a deep midfielder when he doesn’t have a passing ability. He was a complete passenger for England.

      I would really be worried if I was Italy. Their strongest team struggled against Luxembourg and seemed a slow unathletic team. England’s fast athletic team will tear Italy a new one.

      1. What game were you watching? Ecuador’s first goal was really good. That was bad defending on England’s part. England’s back line looked awful. The midfield of Lampard and Wilshere did not work at all. Smalling should never start a game again for England.

      2. Toby wrote: “I would really be worried if I was Italy.”

        Wonder what Italy is saying today? It’s only Lichtenstein, it’s not like it’s Ecuador.

  6. Lets hope Hodgson doesn’t start Smalling and Jones at the back in the World Cup. That was brutal to watch today.

  7. Barkley, Barkley, Barkley looked great,daring,had pace, and held onto the ball some of the time. I rather him play and increase his name than some of the old guard. It looks like Rooney, Lampard, and Gerrard are just flat out lazy, lazy, lazy for what I have seen in these pre matches. And for Rooney to celebrate the hand ball to his foot easy tap in is hilarious. He should act more like Dempsey, and the one he put in against Turkey that was a tap in and just laugh not kiss the sky like he just won the flippin world cup.

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