Frank Lampard Announces He Will Be Leaving Chelsea, Fueling Speculation Of Move to New York City FC

England midfielder Frank Lampard has announced that he will be leaving Chelsea, fueling speculation that the former Chelsea player will be the second high-profile signing to close a deal with New York City FC, the MLS team owned by Manchester City and New York Yankees.

After 13 years at Chelsea and 648 appearances for the west London club, Frank Lampard may join New York City FC after conducting informal talks with the club, according to a new report in The Independent newspaper.

Frank Lampard revealed:

“[Chelsea] has become part of my life and I have so many to thank for the opportunity.

“Finally and most importantly I would like to thank the Chelsea fans. I believe they are the greatest fans in world football.

“Whatever the next challenge, I will always be among you and have Chelsea in my heart.

“Thank you for the memories Chelsea and keep making history!”

During a press conference with executives with New York City FC on Monday, the club refused to comment regarding the speculation about Frank Lampard moving to MLS.

8 thoughts on “Frank Lampard Announces He Will Be Leaving Chelsea, Fueling Speculation Of Move to New York City FC”

  1. If this happens, I’m curious what pun the New York Post will use to describe Lampard’s antics right after 9/11…

  2. How long before the bitter Chelsea trolls turn on him? They will be telling us he was never that good etc etc.

    1. Funny i never thought he was that great. At least not nearly as good as the hype about him.

      Im not a Chelsea fan in the least though.

      1. Have to disagree Fly. He’s a top player. Similar to Beckham in terms of someone who got the absolute maximum out of his talent.

  3. He and Ashley Cole will be looking for NYC penthouses together. Throw in Samuel Eto’o and MLS will be Chelsea’s retirement home.

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