David Villa Will Begin Training With New York City FC In 2015, Will Be Loaned Out In 2014

New York City FC striker David Villa will begin training with the MLS club in January 2015, which opens the door for the footballer to play elsewhere after the end of Spain’s World Cup and until the end of the year.

Executives from New York City FC revealed today that the player will not be playing for Manchester City. However, they didn’t deny the reports that Villa could train and play a couple of games for Melbourne Heart in Australia’s A-League, or another club. The Manchester City-owned Heart club open their season in mid-October, 2014.

New York City FC officials did say that David Villa will be loaned out to play two high-profile games in 2014, to be announced at a later date, before he begins training with NYCFC in January.

“The MLS calendar, compared to the European calendar, is off. We’ve understood the challenge since day one. We’ve had to be flexible and fluid about how to keep him sharp in 2015. We have a plan,” said New York City’s sporting director Claudio Reyna. The club are confident that Villa be ready in time for the 2015 MLS season.

5 thoughts on “David Villa Will Begin Training With New York City FC In 2015, Will Be Loaned Out In 2014”

  1. Orlando City FC has to earn their way up the ladder the right way and they just get a cash injection and are propelled into MLS?
    No prior fan base no nothing.
    The Cosmos deserved to be in MLS than them.
    I love how the league violated their own no tolerance policy by allowing the people who own NYFC to own the team even though they are anti-homosexual.
    Didn’t they turn down a business or something like that because they weren’t tolerant (I believe this had something to do with the Red Bulls) but I guess when the $$$ is involved all morals go out the window.

  2. MLS now has player on Brazil and Spain’s 23 man rosters and was pretty close to having an English player too. I’d call that progress.

  3. RT @johnnyduerden David Villa to have 10-game loan for Melbourne City (nee Heart) then heads to New York City. MCFC’s network in full effect

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