Tim Howard Thinks USMNT Youth Will Be A Huge Factor in World Cup Success

Even before Jürgen Klinsmann made the shocking decision to leave Landon Donovan out of the final 23 players that will play in Brazil, this U.S. Men’s National Team was heading to Brazil as one of the least experienced US teams in a very long time.

This is USMNT’s first World Cup since 1990 where a single center-back has zero World Cup experience.

However, despite all that, goalkeeper Tim Howard believes this edition of the USMNT is better than the 2010 version that won their group en-route to a loss to Ghana.

Howard believes this team will be hungry and has the ability to surprise in Brazil.

“This team is younger, but I think we’re slightly better than 2010, only because of that youth, and that inexperience almost helps you.”

Gone are USMNT veterans such as Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Jay DeMerit, and Oguchi Onyewu, who have been replaced by younger talent ready to prove themselves. Players like Stoke City’s Geoff Cameron, Los Angeles Galaxy’s Omar Gonzalez, Seattle Sounders’ DeAndre Yedlin, and Sporting Kansas City’s Matt Besler. They will be the ones who will hold the backline in the group of death.

Despite not having any World Cup experience in the centerback position, Howard believes his defense is strong.

“Defensively I think we are pretty rock solid. I don’t know; we’ll have to find out. It’s sink-or-swim time when you get to the World Cup. There’s no guesswork. There’s nothing to speculate on.”

That is the biggest difference between the 2010 team to the 2014 squad that will try to navigate through one of the toughest groups in the World Cup. A group that many are saying the US has no business in escaping, especially now without Landon Donovan.

The 2010 version of squad may have had more veterans, but this squad is hungry and ready to prove the world wrong, “Guys don’t actually know what to expect, they’re just hungry and ready to go for it,” added Howard.

Don’t be too critical of the US backline just yet. After all, the U.S. only allowed eight goals in 10 Hexagonal games.

2 thoughts on “Tim Howard Thinks USMNT Youth Will Be A Huge Factor in World Cup Success”

  1. I think the USA is the new England. Hype is too much for this team. All this talk that this is the deepest USA team ever is nonsense. What has happened is the coverage of soccer in the US has improved greatly so people are more aware of the players, it doesn’t mean they are better than teams of the past.

    Personally the US 2002 team was the best every team. Player for player they were vastly superior to this or any American team. Part of the problem why USA soccer isn’t a major force yet, is because the US system doesn’t produce players like Claudio Reyna a highly technical, skilful creative player.

    USA soccer must develop like the Japanese and South Korea and transition from producing hardworking organised players to producing creative and flair players with technique.

  2. We are verylucky to have Jurgen Klinsmann a smart,brave and knowledgeable coach the USA has ever had.In the past we had coaches who were organizers, which means that they put together the talent available and make it work. If a player was successful at some point,the player was in and rarely challenged short of injury. We had permanant fixtures on the team and that is the cause of all the noise about London Donavan. I love him and have been a great fan of hisbut was et our young talents go to play for other countries like the previous coaches did when we lost Neven Subotic to Serbia,Guiseppe Rossi to Italy and Andy Najar to Honduras.These were not given a chance to play because the previous coaches were not brave enough to take a risk on them. Subotic has played in the Championship Lerague and could have been the center of our defence had it not been the negative comments from Tom Rongren.Jurgen is respectful and accommodating. This young team shows soccer developing in this country to a point where it grabbed Headline News which had never happened befor3. Good Luck USA>very disappointed when he took off for four months wvwn after being warned that he would have to work harder.I look at him and he looks out of shape.the world cup is for those in shape.So the old theory should be discarded right away. Klinsman is not just an organizer but was hired by Sunil Gulate and USA soccer to develope soccer. He is a developer and has brought in some exciting young players. He will not l

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